For a Reason

I have to get away. Away from this place. But everytime I do HE always drags me back. But this time is different. A boy finds me and he's different. And even though my past is torn, I know now everything happens for a reason.


3. Scars

Nichole's POV

I surprise myself by actually waking up. I hear snoring above so I know Ed is still here.

I try to be quiet as I get up and look myself over. As always, I'm covered in bruises and  cuts. I also see the  long scar down my leg from all those years ago. The doctor had said that it always be there, the cut was just too deep. I shed two tears from the memory. I then look down at my left arm and cry inside my head. There, a long and jagged cut goes from the inside of my elbow to my wrist. It had stopped bleeding but was still open and nauseating.

Ed had gone too far. I was going to leave today and I would not be coming back.

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