For a Reason

I have to get away. Away from this place. But everytime I do HE always drags me back. But this time is different. A boy finds me and he's different. And even though my past is torn, I know now everything happens for a reason.


7. Home

Nichole's POV

I've been living at Connor's and Katherine's for a while now. Four months, in fact. And they've been nothing but nice to me. Katherine has even started to become like a sister to me. She so kind and loving. She's constantly taking me to the mall and when Connor is away, she tells me about how much she loves him. She really is meant for him. But she also keeps trying to hook me up with guys. I always refuse, thinking of Ed. 

I've even got a job. I currently work as a school librarian. It makes me sound so old but I've always loved children and books so why not? It has a decent pay too. I'm currently saving up for my own apartment  but thats still probably a few months away.

But on a sad note, my Macky passed on last month. He had cancer and the doctors wanted to put him out of  his misery. It was one of the worse days of my life. We all cried and cried. He's buried in the back yard with a cross that had his full name on it, Mack Moby Mills. He'll always be my good dog.

On a better note, Katherine got great news this month. Shes pregnant! Connor was so happy about being a father and I get to be an aunt! They're starting their own little family. Mum and Dad would be proud.

I had just walked in when Katherine ran up to me, giddy as can be.

"Well, isn't someone happy today." I said, laughing.

"Guess what!?" she half screamed at me. I laughed again.


"CONNOR PROPOSED!!!!" She squeaked  "We were in the kitchen and he was talking about the baby and then he got down on one knee and proposed!!" her eyes were lit up with joy.

"Oh my God!" I yelped. She just nodded, to happy to speak. "I'm gonna have a sister!" I pulled her in for a bear hug. We cried a little.

After we finished crying, we decided to go to a Starbucks to start planning for the wedding. We ordered and sat down, planning on colors. The waitress called my name and I went to grab our drinks. While I was walking back, someone knocked into me, knocking all the drinks down my shirt. I quietly cussed and started to try to wipe some of it off.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" Wait a minute, I recognized that voice. I looked up.



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