For a Reason

I have to get away. Away from this place. But everytime I do HE always drags me back. But this time is different. A boy finds me and he's different. And even though my past is torn, I know now everything happens for a reason.


1. Dream

"Found you." Ed wispers in my ear and I giggle and turn around to face him.

"Now only if you can catch me." I tell him and then I bolt behind him, hearing him laugh as he tries to catch up.

"You know I can't!" he says, out of breath whilst I'm still running, "you're too fast!" I come back where he's on the ground, panting. Then, he leaps up and grabs me playfully. We both laugh and he sneaks a kiss and I kiss him back.

Then my eyes flutter open and I wish more than anything that I could go back to that day.


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