For a Reason

I have to get away. Away from this place. But everytime I do HE always drags me back. But this time is different. A boy finds me and he's different. And even though my past is torn, I know now everything happens for a reason.


2. Dead

Nichole's POV

I wake up and change, fearing the day ahead. Ed is usually up by now. Probably wasted, as always. While in the middle of brushing my hair, Ed barges in.

" Come ON already!" he shouts. I flinch at his voice. I ignore him and continue to brush my hair. He sees this and scowls. Ed grabs my arm and digs his thumb right into where I had a bruise from the day before. Every day Ed has beaten me. I know I should escape but every time I do he gets me back. But then again, this wasn't my Ed. My Ed had died long ago and was replaced by this beast.

Monster Ed drags me down stair and pushes me into a wall. I crumble to the ground, to weak from everything else he's done to me.

"Get up!" I don't what it is that make him enjoy other people's, wait no, my misery. I wobbly stand and then I gasp. In his hands is a knife. He's never used a knife before! He comes toward me and I try to back against the wall. He manages to grab my arm and I wail, certain that I'd rather be daed than feel this pain. He drags the knife across my arm a I scream. 

"Oh shut up!" he yells, taking out the knife. I try to hit him but instead he slams his fist into the side of my head and everything fades to black.

I'm certain that I am dead

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