For a Reason

I have to get away. Away from this place. But everytime I do HE always drags me back. But this time is different. A boy finds me and he's different. And even though my past is torn, I know now everything happens for a reason.


4. Away

Nichole's POV

I picked myself up and slowly headed to the door. Locked. Shit. I knew what I had to do but I needed to be fast. Thank God the door was glass. 

I pulled back my fist and slammed it into the door and it left a hole where my fist went through it. I then kicked out the rest of the door and  started running through the door as I heard Ed screaming. I was faster but he was stronger.

I ran towards the woods were I knew he wouldn't follow. Also, there was a shopping area on the other side so I could find a new place away from him.


I ran for 20 mins straight and then I knew I had lost him.

I quickly ran into the deserted trail and found an old log where I sat on, exhausted. I was still sitting there when I heard 5 guy voices.

Ed. He was going to get me.

I didn't have any where to run and I was to tired so tried to hide in the bushes.

The voices were getting closer. I pushed my self farther back.

I was going crazy. I whispered to myself saying no no  no no no  no no.

Then, they were right there.And one of them was pulling back the bushes and I just closed my eyes.

"Love, come on out. What happened to you?" a thick Irish voice asked me. Luckily I had put on a jacket before I left so they couldn't see my scars. I opened my eyes to a blonde guy about my age with 4 others behind him.

"Please don't hurt me." I whispered. "Just please don't" I was on the verge of tears. I was really going insane from the loss of blood.

" Why on earth would we do that?" one of the brown haired one asked, coming closer.

" Here, let us help you." the blonde one  held out his hand for me.

Maybe it was just the crazy getting to me but I decided I trusted him and I took his hand.




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