Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


3. Mr.Karl

After 10 impossibly long minute, the blurred glass door opened, and a tall women got out of Mr. Karl's office, struggling to close her fur coat. My gaze followed her until she was outside of my eyeshot. A man cleared his throat, which caused me to turn my head back to the door frame. It was a young man.

'Emily?' he asked in a friendly voice.

'Uh, yes. I'm Emily. Miller.'

The man laughed, amused by my shyness. He mumbled something, but I only studied him from head to toe, a habit that was quite always getting me in awkward situations. He had a straight, brown hair, that was pushed behind his ears and didn't get under his lobes. His hazel eyes were hidden behind those black nerd-style glasses and his mouth was curved in a warm smile. He was wearing an orange jumper, similar to the one Liam wore during the Wonderland magazine photoshoot. He suddenly stopped, me almost bumping into him, and he turned around.

'I'm Mr.Karl. You could call me Mike, but I would prefer you wouldn't.' he put out his hand and I shook it.


After he sat behind his desk, he invited me to sit on a leather rotating chair in front of it. Argh, rotating chairs were my weakness, I would make embarrass myself from the first day. I sat down hesitantly, concentrating to not turn my self from left to right with the chair.

'So Emily' Mr.Karl started 'I've listened to your demo, and it's quite good.' I nodded, not  wanting to get excited so fast. Something in his tone told me that something bad was coming.

'But...' my breath caught in my throat 'I have only got bad news for you.' he pursed his lips giving me a sympathetic look. I felt my eyes get watery and sobs trying to escape my throat, but I held myself together, nodding again, asking Mr.Karl to go on.

'Love, I'm sorry. Do you really want me to go on?'

'Yes, yes, please. Just ignore me, I get emotional over these things.' I tried out a smile, which I think came more as a grimace, but Mr.Karl returned it to me.


'So first of all, we cannot record the song in a studio, which basically means your song won't come out.' my hand shot up to my mouth, attempting to cover my trembling lip. I felt my eye twitch as well, a sign of stress that I hated about myself.

'Second, you will unfortunately be going on tour as the opening act for 5 idiots, excuse my lanugage.'

I looked at the man puzzled.

Going on tour.

Opening act.

5 idiots.

I cleared my throat, slowly standing up straight. 'Excuse me, Mr.Karl, are you taking about One Direction?'

'Yes, I'm sorry for you, love, they are the biggest pain...'

'OH MY GOD!' I interrupted, placing both of my hands over my mouth to help myself from screaming. It was now my (possibly?) manager's turn to look at me puzzled.

'Wait, you like them?'

'I do, a lot! I never even imagined I would get to work with them!'

'Oh, haha, than I bet this will be a blast for you. I'll have to see you and your mum tomorrow, so we settle all the details, alright, Emily?'

'Count on me, Mr.Karl!' I replied, cheerily getting up from my seat and ready to leave.

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