Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


5. It's real

'H-hi...I'm, I'm, um, I'm, Em-m-mily...' I stuttered, furiously blushing. 'And you're Zayn Malik' I mumbled under my breath, hopefully quietly enough for Zayn not to hear me. But obviously he did, as he grinned, putting his tongue between his teeth like he usually did.

'Hi, Em. I'm Zayn.' he took my hand and shook it. 'Come on in, I'll introduce you to the other lads.' He put his hand on the small of my back, a shiver shaking my whole body. He chuckled lightly and looked at me. I tried out a smile which he returned. My eye started twitching again, and I cursed in my mind, begging it to stop, because it was so embarrassing.


When I entered the studio, a laughter echoed through the hallway. It was obviously Niall's, and I heard a hint of Harry's.

'Boys, stop it! You're wasting our pizza!' Liam  playfully scolded.

'Niall, Liam's right. You're the one who's going to be hungry in the end.' the deep voice I loved so much said seriously.

We entered in a room to our left, and Liam, Niall and Harry were standing there, pizza boxes sitting in their laps.

'Boys, this is Emily. Emily, these are the boys.' Zayn introduced.

I waved lamely at them, the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I couldn't believe what was happening.

'Hey, love.' Liam put his pizza to the side and sat up, coming towards me, a smile plastered on his face 'I'm Liam.' we shook hands, and he invited me and Zayn to sit on the couch opposite to them.

It felt awkward, because I know how they all wanted to be treated like people, but I just couldn't see them like that. They were such an important part of my life, that I think that deep inside, I was scared to admit they could be my friends. They could share their food, beds and everything else. It was just amazing to see them in front of me, for once, not on a page of a magazine, or not behind a screen. They were real, and all of this as well. I was going to tour with them, get to know them, know the truth behind all of the rumors and have access to all of their feelings. All because one day, I decided to send a demo to heir management company.


I watched the boys start laughing and joking around again, and I shifted in my seat, feeling left out. I usually wasn't very good at making friends, so if becoming friends with One Direction would be a failure, my happiness would be completely shattered. Harry turned his gaze towards me grinning, and I froze, my all-time crush's watching me closely. I looked away, feeling my cheeks burn. The curly-haired boy got up from his spot on the sofa, crossed the small distance between us, and plopped down next to me. He turned his whole body towards me and stuck his hand out.

'I'm Harry. And you're pretty.' he winked cheekily and I started blinking really fast. Did he just say that? I just felt like getting up and jumping around the room. But instead I just took his hand.

'Erm, thanks, I guess.'

'Emily, would you like some pizza?' Niall asked 'There isn't much left, so hurry if you do!'

'Ok!' I smiled, going to the place Harry was previously sat on. I started chewing on the pizza when I realized something was wrong.

'Hey, where's Louis?' I asked, swallowing the piece of pizza. Since only Liam was watching me closely. he was also the only one to answer.

'He's at the bathroom, don't worry. C'mon, I'll give you a tour!'

'Oh, no no no. I'm giving her a tour.' Harry objected. Niall got in the fight as well, and I just watched, hesitantly laughing, when Zayn came to my side and whispered, so the boys couldn't hear us.

'This'll take forever. I'll show you around.'


We got out of the sofa room, and went to the recording booth. There were windows in front and on the right of the microphones, so the boys could see us. After a little while of arguing, they all turned and widened their eyes at the sight of me and Zayn in the booth. He showed me the control board, what the most important buttons did, a few of their acoustic songs and some lyrics for a new album (which I felt very flattered about because they were Top Secret). We finally went into the real booth, and Zayn started flirting with me.

'I want to see how you sing!' he laughed, putting the headphones over my ears.

'No! Zayn, come on, another time!'

'I'll just listen from outside! Pleasee?' he stuck his pouted, widening his eyes, and I shook my head grinning. This was all too overwhelming. I noticed all the boys stare from behind the window, when Louis came up behind them and gestured towards me. Harry answered quickly and then turned back to me.


I got out of the booth, and as soon as I entered the 'chillin' room as Zayn called it, Louis caught me in a tight hug and screamed rather loudly in my ear.


'Hi, Lou.' I giggled, glad to know the boys really were friendly.

'So, when are we going to hear you sing? I thought maybe before the show.' he smiled warmly.

'Maybe.' I teased.

I was so puzzled that I just met One Direction, that it didn't sink in before the next day.


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