Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


6. 'Here come the paps...'

I woke up the next morning to a large tray of food on my nightstand. There was tea, shortbreads, a banana, peanut butter and bread.

'Thanks for the breakfast mum!' I called out, placing the tray on my bed. Soon after, my mum burst in my room a big grin plastered across her face.

'Morning sweetheart! Tell me all about yesterday!' she sat down on my bed, looking at me for a while before I responded.

'Oh, God, don't even remind me! We had so much fun, oh my God, I can't believe I actually met them!' I was ready to pick up another shortbread, when I widened my eyes, suddenly feeling my stomach full, and my throat starting to dry. I. actually. met. One. Direction.

'Mum.' I whispered 'I met One Direction, do you understand what this means?' my mother look confused.

'It means I got to meet the persons I look up to, oh goodness!' I jumped out of bed and started dancing around my room, another awkward habit of mine when I was over-excited. My mum started laughing as I chanted 'Uh-huh, I met them! Louis, Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn! Yeah! I met them, I met them!'

'Okay, I'm going to let you dance because it seems like you're having a blast! Later!' she said as she closed the door behind her.


After my little show was done, I let myself fall on the bed, panting, heart beating fast, and trying to wrap my mind around the fact I met the boys. And not just the boys, but my crush as well. My phone vibrated under my back and made me jump right up. I grabbed it, reading the caller ID: Harry<3. I smiled, squealing, and tried to calm myself down before answering.

'Hey, Em. Did I wake you up?' Harry's morning voice asked.

'Erm, no, don't worry. What's up?'

'Me and Niall are going out to grab some breakfast and buy some groceries afterwards. Wanna come?'

I looked back at the tray full of delicious food before turning my attention back to the phone.

'Yeah, definitely!' I said, trying VERY hard not to scream in excitement.

'Great. Pick you up in 10?'

'Okay! Bye!' I was ready to hang up when Harry shouted.

'Wait! Em! Ugh, shit.'


'Oh. Where do you live?' I felt myself blush and thanked god Harry couldn't see it.

'Right. I forgot about that, hehe. Um, 58 Regent's Park Road.'

'Well, I don't know where that is but I'll google it haha. Bye, see you in a bit.'


I hung up and threw the phone away. Next thing I knew, my face was pressed against a pillow as I screamed my lungs out. My mum came to check on me, but I said everything's alright and started getting ready.


As I was doing my hair, my phone rang again, but this time it was my friend Anne. I hadn't talked to her since she went to America, 2 weeks ago.

'Hey Anney-the-pooh' I greeted innocently 'How was New Jersey?'

'I don't care how New Jersey was, and neither do you. DID YOU GET A MANAGER?' I started laughing, I missed her and her weirdness so much!

'Well, no but I-'

'Aww, Emily, it's all right, I know you'll get other chances, Modest is shit, they can't even manage One Direction right, you have a great voice, I'll always be here to support you, okay?' I smirked to myself whilst listening to her rant ( and trying to curl a strand of hair ).

'Anne, you didn't even let me finish! I'm opening for One Direction on their next tour.' I heard her take a deep breath, and then never release it. 'Anne, are you ok?'

'Yes, I'm grinning right now, and shaking a bit. Okay, a bit more.'

'Oh my god, isn't it great! I mean, I'm going to be with them every day for the next, what?, 4 months?!'

'Emily, you don't even realize how lucky you are, I'm so jealous at you!!' we both started squealing and talking for a while about how great this was, how lucky I was, how jealous Anne was, a.s.o.

'But wait.' Anne suddenly became serious 'Have you met them yet?'



'Yes, I did! Zayn is twice as sexy as he is in pictures, and let's not even talk about Harry because I just might faint.'

'Oh my Goodness, tell me all about how you first met!'

'Anne, darling, we'll have to talk later. I'm, um, I'm actually going out with Harry and Niall to grab some breakfast, I gotta go, I love you.'

'Oh God, I say oh God too much, but oh God you're going out with them AAAH! Promise me we'll go to Subway later and we'll talk then.'

'I promise, byee.'

'Bye Emz.'


I ran downstairs and out the door, probably shutting the door a little too hard. I scanned the road for Harry's infamous Range Rover, but didn't see any, so I pulled out my phone and was ready to text him, when I heard his voice coming from my right.

'Em!' he waved 'Hey.' and smiled. The butterflies crept into my stomach, and my hands started shaking. Emily Marie Miller, control yourself!

'Mornin.' I smiled back 'Niall's not coming?' Harry opened the passenger's seat door, inviting me in. It was one of his less famous cars, his black Audi.

'He hasn't woken up yet, so we'll just meet him there.' He said, shutting my door and going to his own seat. He sat down and we both fastened our seatbelts.

'So where are we going?' I wondered out loud. It seemed awkward, I don't even know why.

'Well actually, we're just going to Tesco, and then going to Niall's house. Is that okay?' He looked at me for a second, his green eyes looking the opposite of tired.

'Yeah, sure.' I smiled, aah, I was going to Niall's house. I actually wondered if Harry invited me to have breakfast with them just because he was THAT awesome or because management asked me to. I watched Harry drive, taking in his every feature, I was so close to him! A distance I never thought I would achieve.


I remembered Harry saying he liked girls who he can talk to, and I realized the exact opposite was happening right there, right then. I only had 3 boyfriends my whole life, my record being of a week, that guy liked me 'so much'. So I wasn't really great with boys, since I never had the chance of anyone liking me. I was so busy hallucinating that since me and Harry were going to tour together, I would be his girlfriend, but I never took into calculation the fact he might not like me, until now. I heavily sighed, thinking that I will at least have him as a friend. A very hot friend.

'Sorry I don't talk much whilst I drive. I must really concentrate or else I might run into a tree.' I noticed he had his eyebrows furrowed, until he turned to me for a short second showing off his dimple and an apologetic smile.

'It's ok.' I mumbled. I got my phone out and texted Anne: 'Help, awkward silence alert!'. She replied a few seconds later saying it'll be okay.

'Emz.' Harry called in a calm low voice.


'Here come the paps. You'll be all over the internet tomorrow.'

'Oh.' I replied, too inexperienced to know what that meant. I lowered myself a bit in my seat, getting frustrated by the awkwardness and the lack of conversation I had with Harry. But, maybe, Harry just invented the excuse he didn't talk much whilst driving because he felt guilty as well. Right? No? Ok...


Harry slowed the car down as a group of men with huge cameras and flashes came to the sides of the car. I looked at them, feeling even more uncomfortable than I already was. Harry looked at me, his muscles flexing to keep the wheel in place.

'Emily, I'm so sorry. I can't get away from them, I'm really sorry. Please, please, please forgive me?' I looked at his worried eyes. He bit his lower lip as he waited for my answer, the flashing lights still behind my window. I grinned, amused by his utter sweetness and carefulness.

'Harry, it's not your fault. You have nothing to apologize for. It's fine.' He sighed and smiled turning his attention back to the paps. He lowered the window and looked at the grinning men, screaming rude things like 'Who's the blondie, Harry?' or 'How is she in bed?'. I was disgusted. Harry just sighed calmly, he was probably already used to that.

'Hey, guys. What will it take for you to go away this time?' he called out.

'Tell us who the chick is!' a bald tall man said. Harry ignored him and scanned the crowd of paparazzi, when suddenly he stuck his hand out and waved at someone in the distance.

'Hi, Johnny! Could you take 2 more pics and leave, please? I'm starving.' Harry said, still looking at a pap. I chuckled, he already knew the names of the paparazzi!

'Yeah mate.' two more blinding lights shot out of his camera 'Hey! Let's go! Enough pictures for today!' he screamed, so that every singe one of the photographers heard. They all stepped away and Harry pressed the acceleration again.

'Sorry again.' he said, relieved this time.

'It's ok.'

'Hey, do you have twitter?'

'What kind of question is that?' we both laughed and a bit of my pressure we couldn't talk went away.

'So you do. Fan account or you're planning to have a verified account someday?' he smirked, probably thinking of when he had a non-verified account.

'Both of 'em.' I looked at him, leaning my head on the headrest. 'I'm not telling you my fan account because you would kill me, and my so-called official one is @EmMM.' I smiled as he looked at my strange position.

'What does the second 'm' stand for?' he asked.


'That's a beautiful name. Both of your names are beautiful, actually.'

'Thanks.' we looked into each others eyes for what seemed like a whole minute, before I realized Harry had parked in front of a small Tesco.

'Shall we?' he asked, getting ready to open the door. I nodded.


As we walked up to the shop, I felt his big hand round my shoulders and I screamed inside. He lowered himself quite a bit, as I am so short and whispered into my ear.

'I am going to find that fan account, you know.' I burst out laughing as he watched me satisfied, a dimpled smile plastered across his beautiful face.


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