Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


9. First concert - 2

Strolling towards the merch shop to look at the products, I got out my phone and texted Harry, saying I had arrived. A few seconds after, my phone announced me I had a new message.

'I'll be right there, meet some fans while I'm there .x'

I settled myself down next to a group of fans and started scrolling through my twitter timeline. Apparently everyone had seen the pictures of me and Harry in the car the other day, forming rumors about us dating. I decided to clear everything up, so I let my few followers know Harry and I weren't dating. I was sure the news would spread and the rumors denied.

A few minutes after, Harry appeared from behind a door leading to a restricted area, earning squeals from the girls in the hall. He smiled brightly at them, signing their t-shirts, CDs, photos and whatever else they had and posing with them. He seemed genuinely happy, and not in the slightest annoyed or irritated by the presence of these girls. It came to my mind it was his idea to come meet them, as he could've sent one of his bodyguards to pick me up. He started conversations with them, probably even forgetting about me. I just stood there bemused at how normal he was. A boy talking to a bunch of girls. He hugged each and everyone of them and called me over.


Once I was near him, I lowered my head, intimidated at the fact these girls were there to see him and his band mates, not some random girl showing up and opening for them. Harry put a reassuring arm around my shoulders, and squeezed me slightly.

'This is Emily everyone!' he announced, looking back down at me to see if I was alright.

'Hi.' I said in a barely-audible voice.

The girls all greeted back, saying they couldn't wait to hear my voice, and that they would scream as loud as they could, and to watch out for signs that said this and that. I felt a lot better knowing everyone didn't hate me. Harry and I thanked his loyal fans, and walked away.


He guided me through a hallway, a few steps and then into a small room. There was only Liam playing a video game sat on a couch in the middle of it.

'Hey, Liam!' I greeted.

'Oh hi Em.' he replied. He looked at Harry before a loud sound announced he had lost the game he played. 'Harry, the other boys are right now warming up. You could join them. I'll keep Emily company.'

Harry nodded and left the room. Liam patted a seat next to him that I took gladly, before taking off my Converse and pulling my feet underneath me.

'So. Are you ready?' Liam asked.

'No.' I sighed, letting my hands support my head. 'It's not like I haven't done it before, it's just I haven't performed in front of such a huge crowd!'

'The more people see you, the more people know who you are. Relax, Em.'

'I only wish I could. I feel like they're here to see you guys and I'm wasting their time and I'm like an unwanted extra.'

'Well, if it makes you feel better me and the lads are really eager to hear how you sing.' he rubbed my back reassuringly, as I suddenly stood up from my crouched position, scowling.

'You just made me even more nervous, Liam.'

'Why?' he grinned.

'Because you and the boys are music gods and if I mess up I wouldn't be able to face you again!'


The four other boys stumbled in and took a seat wherever they found room. I ended up squished between Harry and Niall.

'Hey guys.' I greeted.

'Hey Em!' Niall chirped.

'Hi Emily.' Louis smiled.

'Hey there.' Zayn replied.

Just the sound of their voices greeting me made me smile.

'Don't you need some kind of warm up before you sing, Em?' Louis asked, looking up at me from his place at Harry's feet.

'No, it's okay, I'll manage...'

'If you do you can just ask our own coach.' Niall added. I simply nodded and they all started chatting, creating a comforting sound. The mix of the boys' voices was perfect. Zayn was in a distant corner of the room talking to someone on the phone, Niall and Liam were playing 'FIFA' on the Xbox, and Harry and Louis were talking and occasionally laughing. Although I was in the same room with the 5 people I loved the most, I felt a bit out of place. I was just sitting there amongst 5 best friends, of course I was being ignored. Eventually, Zayn came next to me and we started talking.


Half an hour later, a man wearing the O2 staff uniform announced us we had to go on stage for the sound check. I was helped down from the stage to watch the boys. First they checked the microphones, each of the boys saying random words in them that echoed in the arena. They also made funny faces at me, which I found very sweet: they were trying to make me forget my nerves. Then Josh, Dan, Sandy and John were asked to play something one by one. In the end, the boys performed What Makes You Beautiful, to see how it all sounded together. When they finished, I screamed and clapped loudly.

'Woo! Good job guys!'

They showed me a thumbs up and got off stage.

'Your turn.' Zayn grinned, approaching me.


My heart stopped. I couldn't do this! I couldn't impress the boys, they were so much better than me. I took a deep breath and climbed up on stage.

'Can I have my guitar please?' I asked one of the people walking around the entrance to the backstage. The girl nodded and entered the hallway that led to the changing rooms.

'You play the guitar?' Niall asked in disbelief.

'Yeah... I don't really have anything else to accompany me.' I blushed deeply. The woman came back with my guitar and a bar stool. Another person brought a mic stand and I placed the stool in front of it. I set myself on it, my guitar settled on my knee, and waited for instructions. I first checked the microphone, the guitar, and finally, I had to sing one of the songs I was going to perform. I settled on singing torn. It was a song that was really important for the boys and their fans and it fitted my voice well.


I arranged my fingers on the cool metal chords of my guitar. I looked at the empty seats, imagining each and every one of them occupied. I looked down at the boys. Time to get judged by One Direction. I started strumming my guitar, the first accords of the song coming out. I took one more deep breath and closed my eyes.


I thought I saw a man, brought to life...

He was warm, he came around like he was dignified...


And before I could open my eyes, the song was over, the boys staring at me, a proud smile on their faces. They started clapping and shouting. I felt my heart skip a beat and smiled back. I had done it!


The gates were opened, and the thousands of fans started filling the empty seats. It was all too overwhelming. I just needed to see Harry. I felt a lump form in my throat, and my nose sting.

'Where's Harry?' I asked Louis with a shaky voice. He pointed to the end of the hall, where Harry was speaking on the phone. I thanked him and approached the curly-haired boy. He looked at me smiling, before hanging up the phone.

'Hey Em, what's up?' he asked looking down at my much shorter figure.

'Harry, I... I'm really scared, I-' I couldn't finish my sentence as I broke down crying. I placed a hand over my mouth to stop the sobs and looked away from Harry. Seeing Harry actually was the worst idea. He came in front of me and wrapped his arms around me, letting his chin rest on my head. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck, not daring to hug him back.

'Hey.' he said lowly, slowly turning from left to right in a comforting balance. 'Emily, why are you crying? You have a lovely voice, don't be scared.'

'Harry, no one is here to support me.' I answered. 'Mum's caught at work, my best friend said she would come but she hasn't called, and I haven't even seen Mr.Karl!'

'Shh, me and the boys are here to support you, alright? I'll sit right behind the curtain, if you get scared just look to your left, okay?'

I nodded against his chest and he let go.

'Can I get a kiss on the cheek?'

Harry chuckled, maybe he forgot I was a fan as well.

'Yeah, you can.'

He leaned down and placed his perfect pink lips against my cheek, standing for a while than looking back at me.



I wiped away my tears and went to the dressing room to fix my make up. Right after I finished, the same man announcing the sound check came to tell me I had to be on stage in 10 minutes. I checked myself once more in the mirror. And then my eye started twitching. I grunted and got out, knocking on the boys' door.

'Guys, I'm going on stage!' I yelled.

Suddenly Niall burst out the door, followed by Liam, Louis, and Zayn.

'Group hug for good luck!' Louis cheered.


I jogged to the stage, my heart ready to jump out of my chest. I grabbed my guitar from its stand. The lights went out, and the crowd started screaming and cheering, the sound being deafening. I tucked my earpiece inside my ear. The man ushered to go close to the entrance on stage.

'You're going on stage in 3, 2, 1, NOW!'


I stepped outside the protection of the curtain, the crowd screaming even louder. I looked up at the blinding spots. I looked back down at the crowd. I walked to my mic and stool. I sat down, and leaned towards the microphone.

'Hi! I'm Emily!' I said, following the script given to me a few days earlier. Even if it seemed like the crowd couldn't get any louder, it did. It was amazing to watch. Everyone was waving their glowsticks, a few signs directed to the boys here and there.

'Are you guys excited to be here?'

Another choir of screams echoed. Maybe it was real, maybe it was me being paranoid, but I could decipher a few 'boo's. I suddenly panicked. Remembering Harry's promise, I looked to my left. He really was there. He grinned and mouthed 'Smile!'. I felt myself relax a bit, and forced out a smile.

'Well I'm going to stop wasting your time, because I know you guys are much more eager to see 1D, so let's get this over with, yeah?'

I settled myself and started singing. I peeked every now and then at Harry, who gave me a thumbs up and clapped silently. Eventually, I got rid of nerves and everything went by fine.


'Thanks for being great! I love you!' I said, raising up my guitar and waving with the other hand before I got out of stage.


When I got out, Harry put out a hand to high-five.

'That was really great, Em! I'm really proud of you.' he smiled sweetly at me.

'Thank you for being here for me, Harry.'

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