Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


8. First concert - 1

The day, the big, huge, giant, enormous, big day had arrived. I couldn't even sleep that night. The worst part is that I never even sang on stage before. I did spend the last 3 days rehearsing from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., but I had the feeling I would forget everything whilst on stage. Fortunately for me, I was going to play my guitar, so I couldn't exactly jump around the stage or anything. I was going to sit still on a chair, my guitar in my lap, a microphone in front of me. It's supposed to be easy. But it isn't when you're as insecure as I am about my voice. 


I woke up that morning starving, but unable to eat anything. I was terrified. Especially because I knew One Direction fans were picky when it came to people that had to do with them. Hell, I was picky when it came to people who have to do with them. I dressed up, packed a few clothes because I knew there were two shows and was going to go out the door when my sleepy mother came downstairs rubbing her eyes.

'Em? Isn't your concert today?' she asked, still trying to wake up.

'Yeah, mum. It is.' I smiled widely and she opened her arms.

'Sweetheart, I'm so proud of you! I don't know if I'll get there because I'm supposed to get a full day today, but I promise you I'll try. I love you, Emily.' I hugged her tighter, feeling my nose tingle, that feeling you have right before you start crying.

'I love you too mummy.' 

I couldn't help it and let out a sob onto my mother's shoulder, trying to get rid of a mix of feelings I didn't exactly get myself. There was happiness, that I made it so far, sadness, that maybe neither one of my parents will be there, relief, that I didn't have to wait. A bit of every feeling there is, really. She held me until I stopped crying, held my face before her, smiling at me proudly and kiss my forehead.

'You're going to be splendid honey.'

'Thank you mum. I should head off.' I pushed my hair behind my ear, turning away from her and towards the door. I looked at her as I opened it, waving shyly goodbye. We both knew that the next time I was going to enter this same house, I wouldn't be the same Emily.



I sat down, right after a young lady got up to get off the train. I suddenly thought I had never been to the O2 Arena before, so I wouldn't know the way backstage. I was trembling at that point. Simply trembling. My whole body was shaking. I grabbed my phone and called Harry.


'Hey Em, what's up?' he said cheerfully. I heard Niall's laugh and Louis' voice on the background.

'Are you guys um... already in the arena?' I asked hesitantly.

'No we're on our way there right now!'

'Because I'm in the, um, underground and I've never been to the O2, so I- I figured I wouldn't know the way backstage.'

'Oh, I'll just send Preston or Paul to get you okay? Just wait at the main entrance.'

'Oh. Yeah, okay, sure. I should probably do that. I - I'll do that.' my voice broke at the end.

'Emily, are you ok love?' he asked, shushing the entertained boys in the background.

'Well. I had better days.'

'We'll talk at the arena okay? Take care, bye!' and with that, he hung up, leaving me pale and shaking in the silent train that took me towards my future. I occupied myself with looking at the picture I took a while ago with Anne, when it came to my mind I hadn't called her that day. I sighed, just another person telling me it'll be ok and I'm going to be great. I dialed her number and she picked up rather  quickly.

'Hey, Anneythepoo. I was wondering if you were coming today at the concert?' 

'Yes, yes, of course I'll be there, I wouldn't miss this for the world!' she said excitedly.

'I don't think they'll let you come backstage though, I'll ask 'em okay?' I said tiredly.

'Yeah, sure! I'm really excited. Where are you anyway, I can barely hear you.'

'I'm just in the tube. Are you planning on bringing anyone along?'

'Um, not exactly. Why, do you want me to?'

'Oh my Lord, no, don't!' I said it so desperately, Anne giggled into the microphone.

'Okay then, Em. I wish I could help you somehow! I don't know what I could say though.' she admitted.

'You get me so well! I really thought you were going to be one of those other people telling me it'll be fine. Well, thanks, I guess.' the electronic voice announced the next station would be North Greenwich, and my heart stopped for a second. I was getting way too nervous. 'Anne I gotta go. My station's next. Omg, I'm so scared. I love yous, byee.' I hung up before she could respond and made my way to the door. 


I don't think I understood exactly what was going on, until I found myself standing on the escalator, getting closer and closer to the arena. After so many years and failed tries, I was finally getting what I truly wanted all along. A concert. I was going to actually be on stage and actually sing in front of all those One Direction fans. And then suddenly I wondered if I had made the right decision, choosing to stand out, and sing for the world. I was getting dizzy from the cold air, the thinking and the fear. The concert wasn't even going to be that soon. There were still about 5 hours to go.


I stepped off the moving stairs, and looked around for indications. The arena was straight ahead. My heart was beating faster and faster as the first fans hoping to get a glance of the boys at their arrival came into view. The emotion I had within me couldn't be described. I was happy, sad, worried, excited, afraid, and a lot of others. This was not the debut I ever expected. It was THE biggest debut. I slowly approached the venue, when I realized I had to go backstage and not through the front door. I suddenly realized I had never had the experience of going to a One Direction concert as a fan and it made me a little upset. I decided to wander a bit in the main hall.


A few fans were here and there, some of them already buying merchandise, some sat in a corner typing on their phones. Small merchandise stands were spread across the high hall, and a few employees were walking around holding the tour programme up so people could buy them without queuing. The main merch shop was amazed me. A probably 10-meter long stand was sitting on a wall on my right, various 1D items displayed above the sellers' heads. They were all chatting, the lack of clients boring them. I hadn't moved from my spot in the middle of the hall, when two girls wearing TMH shirts approached me.

'Hey, are you Emily Miller?' one of them said, eyes glistening. I blushed and smiled, wow, they recognized me

'Yeah...' I replied unsure. The girls gasped and grinned.

'Can we take a picture with you, please?' she asked, excited. It was my turn to gasp, a bit surprised by the sudden question. No one ever wanted to take a picture with me. I guessed I had to get used to it. I nodded shyly, and they both came to my sides, one of them holding her iPhone up. She snapped the picture and approached the phone to her eyes.

'Can I see?' I asked humbly. The owner of the phone smiled.


I looked terrible, the signs of stress and nervousness showing on every inch of my face.

'Ugh, I look so ugly.' one of the girls said.

'We can take another one if you like, I don't look that nice myself.'

The girls agreed and the second pic was better.

'It was really nice meeting you. You were the first strangers that asked for a picture with me.' I laughed. 'But I better get going.'

I waved and before I could turn, the quieter girl called my name.


I turned around.


'Could you please ask the boys to follow us?' she looked at me hopefully.

'Yeah, sure. I'll make sure they will.'

She scribbled their usernames on a piece of paper and handed it to me before I left.


I couldn't believe I honestly met my first fans. Or at least people that wanted to take a picture with me. Of course, they also used me to get a follow from the boys, but I didn't get mad. I really did make sure they followed them.

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