Opening Act - A One Direction Fanfiction

Emily Miller is finally determined to be famous. All these years, posting videos of youtube that nobody watched got her determined. So one day, she faces her fears and goes to Modest! Managment, where her favourite boyband is manged. What does Mr.Karl, the manger, do? Not a big deal really, he just assigns Emily as One Direction's Opening Act on their next tour.


7. Breakfast. But I call it a date.

Harry grabbed one of the blue Tesco baskets as I walked ahead of him, scanning the yoghurt fridge on my right.

'I want chocolate milk.' I stated quietly. Chocolate milk has always been my guilty pleasure. I grabbed a bottle off of one of the shelves and placed it in Harry's basket. I realized he had already put supplies for a week in it and started laughing.

'Since when haven't you eaten, Harry?' He looked at me smirking.

'Hey. I eat when I'm nervous and lately I'm really nervous about the tour so stop judging! C'mon.' He grabbed my hand and carried me over to the candy shelves.


'Pick one.' Harry said gesturing at the colorful packages. I looked at all of them, scanning thoroughly, and decided on a big pack of Maltesers. 'Good choice.' he winked and we moved on.

'Hey, can we get some fruits?' I asked, knowing my breakfasts weren't complete until I ate a piece of fruit. He looked at me, his eyes glistening because of the supermarket's neons. He smiled and nodded, turning halfway around to the fruits and vegetables' isle. I picked up a plastic bag, until I realized I didn't know how much money I had, and I couldn't let Harry pay for my groceries.

'Wait.' I said, rising a finger in the air, and opening my bag. Harry was looking around, patiently waiting as I got my wallet out.

'What are you doing?' he asked looking at the money in my hands.

'I didn't know how much money I had so I need to count them for a sec, because if not I might not have enough money and-'

'What are you talking about?' he raised his voice in that cute little way of his when he is surprised and started laughing. 'So you thought I was going to let you pay? Never.' he looked dead serious as he said that last word.

'Never say never.' I winked cheekily before heading to the apple baskets. I heard Harry chuckle behind me, as he went to the vegetables' side.


I was picking apples and dropping them in the bag, as I looked up shyly, seeing Harry stare at me from across the room. I smiled and shook my head, picking up two more apples. I looked back at Harry, who was now minding his own business, when suddenly his beautiful eyes met mine again. He grinned as I giggled, moving to my right, where the bananas were. The whole time I was keeping my eyes on Harry, and noticed he moved at the same time with me, keeping us on the same line. An idea popped up into my mind, something I had always wanted to do with my boyfriend, well in this case he wasn't my boyfriend but oh well... I knotted both of the bags tightly. I looked up at Harry, who was still looking at me, and I kept my gaze locked with his as I turned my back as much as I could. I gave him a lingering look as I walked into a dark isle.


I looked at him, and noticed he was half-smirking understanding what I was doing: tag in a supermarket. He looked around amused, and decided to put down his basket. I turned around jogging between the cans and baking ingredients. Harry was now on the other end of the isle, and I turned right, sticking my tongue out. I was now on an isle parallel to the one I had just been on. I stopped, and parted a few of the products that were standing on a shelve a bit over my eyes.

'Harry!' I whispered, and soon after, his smiley face filled the gap.

'I'm going to catch you, Emily!' he replied. He tried to grip my hands, but I pulled them back giggling and running away. I found myself back on the sweets isle, and decided to go to the bakery corner. I pulled my hair up in a messy bun, got my jacket off and used it to cover the fruits, and pretended I was browsing the freshly baked bread, hoping Harry wouldn't realize it was me. I saw him com out of the same place I did and looking around, his smile suddenly disappeared, being replaced with a sigh and him biting his lower lip. I giggled as he walked over to the cleaning supplies. I quickly went to the isle parallel to the cleaning supplies, which was the drinks isle, stuck myself to the shelves at the turn of the isle and waited for Harry.


He turned around and his head shot back to me. I smiled and bit my lip, and his concern went back to a wide smile. He approached me, in that slow seducing way someone approaches another person when they're about to kiss, and my heart started beating like crazy. He pushed a free strain of hair behind my ear, and bent down a bit to the level of my lips. I realized at the last second what was about to happen. I wasn't ready for this!

'You forgot the basket.' I said smiling, happy that I gave Harry the "hard to get" behavior he said he liked. He let out the air he  was holding in and smiled back.

'Yeah, let's go.'

We retrieved our basket, Harry payed and loaded the groceries into his car.

'Off to Niall's then?' Harry asked, opening my door like the gentleman he is.




Harry knocked on the white door and a few minutes later, a sleepy shirtless Niall opened it.

'Heey, Harry, Emma, come on in!' He said in a cheerful morning voice. I blushed and looked up at him embarrased.

'My name's Emily...'

'Oh, I'm sorry.'


We unloaded the groceries while Niall went to his room to get changed.

'Emily, you just bought chocolate milk. Is that all you're going to eat?'

'Chocolate milk and bananas.'

He huffed smiling and we set up the table, waiting for Niall to come. When after 10 minutes he still didn't give any sign of life, Harry decided to go after him.

'Niall!' he shouted in his deep voice as he went up the stairs A few minutes later I heard a door being pushed open and Harry's surprised voice echoed through the whole house.


'Can't you knock?' Niall snapped back.

'Well I knocked like 50 times already, I'm hungry mate!'

'I'll be right down, go keep Emily company.' I could almost see Niall wink at Harry. 


I started drinking my milk as Harry came back, he looked at me expressionless and sat back next to me.

'What was he doing?' I asked leaning myself on my elbow, looking at Harry.

'I'd rather not tell you. He was um... having fun.'

'Oh. Do you want some?' I handed him my chocolate milk and he shook his head.

'It's okay, thanks. I'll just make myself some poached eggs.' He sat up again and headed towards the fridge. I silently sighed reminding myself I was officially friends with Harry Styles, my crush, who I was having breakfast with, and who was going to make poached eggs right in front of me.

Niall plopped himself down on the chair in front of me. He was wearing a tank top and his hair was ruffled.

'What are we eating today Styles?'

'Don't talk to me.' Harry replied angrily. I frowned hearing his tone, and looked back at Niall.

'Mate, are you seriously going to do this?' Niall asked annoyed.

'Yes I am.'

I cleared my throat trying to make the two boys stop arguing.

'Niall, could you pass the mozzarella please?' He smiled showing his braces and looked to the place I was pointing at.

'Yeh, sure, just let me cut some for myself.' 

He gave me the mozzarella and as Harry was eating quietly beside us, Niall and I talked and joked around, earning a few grumpy sighs from Harry.




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