You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


22. Twenty Two ღ

 "Maybe it's the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it. Through the doors and past the guards, just like she already owned it," Harry dances all around the stage, making girls swoon. I can't help but swoon too, but it's over the man beside him. Zayn sings his part, and as the other boys continue the song, I can't help but play the first two verses over and over again in my head. Does Zayn feel that way about me?

The song ends and the boys bow their adieus one last time. I smile and applaud from my oh-so-luxurious spot. Who knew I'd be this lucky? Not me, especially four days ago.

The guys trot off the stage towards where I am. I hear the girls' desperate please for more, one being exceptionally loud.

        "Zayn, you're like my little toe, because I'm going to bang you on every piece of furniture I have!"

Zayn walks over to me and automatically snakes his fingers through mine. He's hot, dewed with sweat, and completely irresistible. I smile but look back over my shoulder to the voice I know I heard. Dumb bitch, he's mine.

We make our way back to their dressing rooms. And the clothes come off, laying in sweaty pools on the floor. I look around, taking in the scene. Five extremely gorgeous guys stripping before me. Any other time, this sight would make my knees buckle and my hands to shake with desire. But there only seems to be one that has that effect on me, and he's stripping closest to me. I don't realize I'm biting my lip until Zayn chuckles.

        "I'm gunna bite that lip before this night is over,"

My cheeks burn red as I glance up at his playful gaze. He's grinning, that glorious grin, his eyes teasingly rolling down my body. And suddenly I feel completely vulnerable; his eyes are totally undressing me! I stir with want, my thoughts disturbed when Niall's voice enters my mind.

        "Hey, we're headed to Brooklyn's pizza after this. You two down with that?"

My stomach growls involuntarily at the thought of warm cheese. Zayn looks away from me long enough to nod at Niall, then returns to his visual attack on me. He wiggles an eyebrow as he pulls a button up over his shoulders. And all I can think is man, I wanna rip that right off of him.

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