You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


24. Twenty Four ღ

       "I don't want to say goodbye," I say quietly, looking at the setting sun. I glare at the orange color; why can't this day last forever?

Zayn stirs beside me, adjusting his lazy hold around me. He clears his throat, keeping a steady tone. "I know, baby. Me either." We're quiet for a few moments until he puts his hand over mine, interlocking our fingers. "But it's not goodbye, because we're going to see each other again. Soon, so soon you won't even have time to miss me."

I swallow, tears pooling in the lower part of my eyes. I look down at our fingers that seem to fit so perfectly together. How am I going to make it without him?

He pulls me closer and rests his chin on my hair, rubbing my back gently. I can only sigh, a happy, broken-hearted, yearnful sigh. I don't know what tomorrow holds. I don't want to be without this beautiful boy; I don't know who I even am without him. And these feelings that are tearing at my heart, the ones that are so critical, building inside me, only took days to form. What would they do in a month, a year?

        "Please, Zayn. Just don't forget about me. No matter what, don't let this, us, fade away. I think we are so much more than an after-concert hookup in North Carolina."

I feel his head lift up, and his hand slides up to my face. One strong finger lifts my chin up to his level, causing the tears to roll down my cheeks. He looks into my eyes a few moments before speaking.

        "Sheyanna, I don't just hook up. I fall in love."

He leans in gently and presses his sweet lips to mine, making my tears run that much faster. I'm such an emotional mess, but I don't care. I love this man.

My arms hook around his neck, wadding and fisting behind him. He pulls away and watches me, my tear-stained cheeks distracting his positive thoughts. But he shakes the negative away, running his thumb over my cheeks.

        "I'll always be here to kiss these tears right off your beautiful face." He says, his voice cracking slightly as he catches two tears spilling down my face. He kisses where they stopped softly.

I swallow hard and manage a pitiful nod. Why can't I just take his word for it? But I know the fear of losing him overrides everything.

        "I love you," I say smally. And there they are, those three words I tried desperately to avoid all my life. So much time spent running away from those three little words, all because I didn't want to use them wrong. I never thought I'd actually feel them. But now, I know I do.

        "I love you, too," he says without hesitation. "More than you can ever imagine."


So this was it. My feelings are out there, my fears conquered, and a better promise for tomorrow shines bright before me. And it's these thoughts that keep me from breaking down as I load my last suitcase and hop in my little cavalier.

        "Call me when you make it home," he says, leaning in through my window. He kisses me lightly, lingers a moment, and kisses me again. "I love you, Sheyanna."

        "I love you, Zayn," I smile. "Safe travels to Charleston. Get some sleep so you'll be ready for that interview tomorrow."

He nods his appreciation and backs away from my car. A hand goes to his pocket, the other thrown up in a final farewell. I back up and pull out, mouthing goodbye through my rear-view mirror. Goodbye to my whole world.

I wait a few miles before I let the prickling tears spill over again. I cut my music down, get on the interstate, and begin my journey of lonely headlights and missing a beautiful, dark-haired boy.

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