You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


10. Ten ღ


Raindrops fell from above, plinking and plonking on the wet pavement beneath us. We made our way down the line of screaming girls that seemed to never end. All five boys were armed with sharpies and their cutest smiles, laughing and talking small talk with each signature. 

I smiled shyly and followed Zayn like a lost pup, wishing I could go hide in the car.

        "Zayn, these girls hate me," I said, barely moving my lips as I dodged a stuffed animal being thrown at the boys. Or so I thought it was. I looked over in the direction it came from and found a dark headed tween glaring at me. She flipped her middle finger up at me and continued screaming for the guys. I eyed the wet stuffed elephant before picking it up and chucking it back at the girl, pelting her in the face.

        "Are you kidding me? They love you!" he smiled while signing his initials on a little girls notebook. He put a quick smiley face beside the M and moved on to the next fan. I followed helplessly behind him.

        "Can I have your autograph too?" a small voice said, no older than seven. I looked down to see the little girl smiling at me, her eyes twinkling with innocense.

        "Awh! Why sure," was all I could say. I wrote my full first and last name and put a heart at the end before I put the cap back on the sharpie. "There you go sweetie!"

She grinned, her excitement showing in the corners of her lips. She jumped up and down a little and turned to who I assumed was her mother. I heard her let out a little squeal as we continued down the line. I smiled and waved at her one last time before losing her in the sea of fans.

We jogged back to the jet black Yukon and jumped in, avoiding a huge downpour by seconds. The fans screamed and cried and jumped, their hair in wet strands that stuck to their faces. I watched them disappear as we drove away.

        "Blech, rain." Louis growled, parting his flippy hair back to it's normal position. I watched the windshield wipers speed up, flicking water not half as quick as it was coming down. I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror and was horrified. My hair had went from soft, natural curls to uncontrollable spirals by the millions. I started fumbling around with the spindling locks, mumbling how awful I looked.

        "Stop that! It's beautiful," Zayn grabbed my hands, overpowering me with just one of his. He flipped a strand out of my face, making me look even messier.

        "I look like freaking Shirley Temple!" I giggled, wiggling my fingers to try and escape Zayn's grip.

        "You're fine. Promise me you'll stop touching and fixing your hair. Do it. Do it now." he said, faking a Brooklyn accent.

I had to force myself to quit laughing. "Promise,"

He shook his head and dropped his brows. "No. Say 'I promise you, Zayn Malik, that I will quit touching my hair, face, or anything else that has to do with such things. Oh, and that you, Zayn Malik, are the sexiest, best-talking-when-it-comes-to-Brooklyn-accents, man I've ever, EVER, known."

I looked at him like he'd lost his mind.

        "Or else he'll pin you down and kiss your face off," Niall piped in from the front seat, chewing on a granola bar.

        "Exactly my plan, Nialler," Zayn said mischievously.

        "Bring it. I'm not scared of you," I said in my most serious voice. But of course, I ended up laughing.

        "Oh, but you should be, love," his voice was low as his face neared mine, his lips parted in a grin and inches away from my own. They almost met when thunder boomed viciously, rattling the windows of the sleek vehicle.

        "AHHHHHHHH!!" Harry screamed, throwing his hood over his curly head. He pretended to sob and Louis patted him on the back. My heart was beating hard, practically leaping out of my chest, and I wasn't sure if it was because of the storm, or Zayn.

        "We'll be to the hotel in about 10 minutes," Liam called from the driver's seat. His voice was steady.

Zayn shifted in his seat and put his arm around me. I got a little closer to him, peering out the drop-covered window.

        "You're not scared or a little thunder boomer, are you?" he asked, not seeming bothered at all. I twisted a little under his arm and settled again.

        "No no," I said, not even convincing myself. I felt my eyes widen as I watched lightning dance across the gray sky. He chuckled a little, but tightened his hold around me. We all were quiet until we seen our salvation near reach.


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