You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


16. Sixteen ღ


And there she was. All blonde, petite and skanky. Her dress clung to her small frame, making her somewhat pretty. But her attitude just screamed whore. And she was just too close to him. A drink was in her hand as she danced around him, her moves slightly unbalanced. She was a little tipsy, surely, to have such nerve. She wrapped her fingers around his tie, trying to undo it. Was she strip teasing him?

I couldn't tell. My vision was blurred by the hot, mad tears that were threatening to spill over my lids. My throat was clamped shut, tight with fear. All of my insecurities seemed to rush back, hitting me hard. He's famous, what would he want with little ol' you? She's skinnier. She's prettier. You just got played. How could you be so stupid? He loves her. He lied, then? My mind seemed to spin. I probably would have hit the floor if it wasn't for Harry's arm supporting me.

        "You okay, babe?" He asked. His voice was a whisper worlds away. The room turned hazy and I swayed a little. "Come sit down. Few too many drinks? Zayn will kill us if anything happens to y..." His voice trailed off as he caught sight of Zayn and Cougar.

        "Oh no..." was the last thing I heard as I began walking, sprinting, running to them. I grabbed her by the should and turned her forcefully towards me. She staggered to face me, confusion on her face. I didn't give her time to question me as I flung the rest of my strawberry daiquiri all over her head.

My hands clung to the cold glass, the red drink trickling down my fingers. Her mouth flew open, her drunken mind taking in what had just happened.

        "What the h..." She started, looking down at her now ruined dress. She flicked the drink off her fingertips and glared up at me.

        "Whoops," I said coolly, despite the anger that was burning inside me. It took everything I had not to knock her teeth down her throat as she pushed past me on her way to the bathroom. I watched her go through the crowd, despise coursing through my veins, when I felt a soft hand on my back.

         "," he was quiet at my side.

        "If she comes back, I'll..." I took a deep, shaky breath. Truth was I didn't know what exactly I would do, but I knew it wouldn't be good.

        "I am so sorry. I was on my way to get our drinks when she pulled me aside to 'talk''s not what you think..." His voice was quick and pleading. I nodded, unsure of it all.

        "I'll be right back," I said before he could protest. I needed to get away for a second, needed to breathe and be alone. I pushed through the crowds of people to the doors on the opposite side of the club. The air was hot and threatened to choke me before I stepped outside.

Despite being summer, the air had a chill to it. I walked down the sidewalk to a few steps at the end. I sat down, resting my head in my hands. Thoughts flew around in my mind, creating questions I couldn't answer. It always seemed to end like this.

I heard the doors shut a little ways behind me and someone walking towards me. Figuring it was already Zayn, I struggled to wipe my eyes and find my voice.

        "Hey it's okay, it's me, Niall," he sat down beside me on the step.

        "Nialler," I tried to sound happy. I fumbled with the mascara that had ran down my face.

He put his arm around me and patted my shoulder. "I seen what happened, Sheyanna. And you have every right to be upset," he started out. "But listen; don't be mad at Zayn. He doesn't care about her, if he did he'd still be with her. He wants you. You make him so happy, Sheyanna. I've never seen him so happy. She was only good at causing trouble...and apparently she still is." He shook his head in disgust. "But you can't let her have that over you guys, because that's what she wants. She wants you to feel as miserable as she does."

I nodded my head, letting his words sink in. He made a lot of sense.

        "I know, I know. It's stupid of me to be upset, to be out here away from him, but i just don't know Niall! I'm so terrified of losing him." My voice began to shake and the tears poured again.

        "I know you are," he soothed me. "But Sheyanna, he loves you."

And there it was. That four letter word that had always been blurry in meaning to me. But at that moment, it all seemed to be clear. Love was when you wanted someone to just be happy, no matter what. And when your own happiness seemed to depend on his. Love was when you wanted to fulfill his every want and need, no matter the cost. When you lose track of time around him, and when all the time in the world just isn't enough. When words cease to describe the severity of your feelings, leaving you speechless. But most of all, love is feeling all that and then getting it back in return.

A small smile spread across my lips at my thoughts, and I looked over at Niall.

        "Go to him," he smiled. "Go get what's yours."

We stood up together and went through the doors, through the crowd, and back to where Zayn was last. Our steps were frequent, urgent, and full of need. But when I couldn't find him, my mind ran with the inevitable.

        "He left, mate. About ten minutes ago. Got quiet and just left. Who knows where he is," Louis told us sadly. My heart sank at the thought of him upset over me.

        "I'm so stupid! I should've stayed, should've talked to him, I've ruined everything..." I began trembling.

        "No, no. We'll find him," Harry talked steady. "Let's just find Liam and..." he trailed off as we caught sight of Liam at the doors, motioning for us to come with him. Instantaneously, I was running, the boys right at my side. I wasn't sure of a lot of things at that very moment, but I did know one thing: Zayn Malik loved me, and I had to prove to him I loved him back.

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