You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


17. Seventeen ღ


 "Should we split up?" Niall proposed as we stood around their huge limousine. "We're not gunna get far in this big guy."

        "True," Liam said, drumming his fingers on the hood.

        "Some of us can go on foot, and the rest can get a taxi," Louis said.

        "He can't be too far, surely." Harry frowned, concerned.

        "I don't know guys. He could be anywhere. I made this mess, now I need to clean it up. You guys, do whatever you want to do, we just gotta find him." I finally spoke. I then turned and began walking to the sidewalk.

        "Sheyanna! Wait! One of us needs to come with you!" One of them called. I couldn't tell who. I paused and watched as one of the 4 figures came running towards me.

        "Can't have a pretty girl alone on the streets. I'll keep you safe from all of the gang bangers!" The cheeky Harry triumphantly exclaimed, lightening my mood and making me smile.

I laughed softly. "Thanks Harry." He arched his elbow, allowing me to put my arm through his. It was a gentlemanly gesture, and it definitely helped me keep balance on my aching heels.

        "Don't worry, we're going to find him," his emerald eyes were shining by the streetlights. "He can't stand to be away from you too long."

I looked down at my feet and considered his words. Hope bubbled inside my belly, lifting my spirits a little.

        "You think so?" I asked in a small voice. I hoped it was true. Because honestly, every second that was passing made me want him with me more. I needed him here, beside me, with me. I ached for him. It had only been minutes since I'd last seen him, how was I going to manage days, maybe weeks after this weekend? If we can get through this weekend, I reminded myself.

        "I know so. He can't be far." Harry stated optimistically.

We walked along the dimly lit sidewalk in silence for a little while. My stomach turned with anticipation as my eyes scanned our surroundings for Zayn. I'd give anything to see his sideways grin or to feel his hand at my back.

        "So are you guys gunna have makeup sex?" Harry asked, his eyebrows lifting in mischief.

I laughed and decided to give in to his dirty acquisitions.

        "It's a possibility."

With that he chuckled and left it at that. We were coming into the busy part of the town, where cars were still zooming around everywhere. Food joints speckled through the lit up city. Maybe he was in one of them.

We passed a few with no such luck until we neared a pizza place. I peered through the windows and spotted a dark haired boy in a booth near the very back.

        "Harry!" I tugged at his arm. He turned to the window, his curls bouncing. He found the boy in the crowded restaurant and squinted his eyes.

        "I can't tell it that's him for sure..." he trailed off as I let go of his arm and ran into the pizza place.

The smell of mozzarella cheese filled my nose as I slipped through the doors, making my stomach grumble. It had been hours since I had eaten, but I didn't care. I needed Zayn.

I made my way through the crowded tables to the back. The waiter was leaving just as I neared the table.

        "Zayn! Zayn, baby I..." I stopped. My mouth went dry, because the boy before me was indeed not Zayn Malik.

        "Uhrm, hi?" he smiled shyly, slightly confused.

I just stood there, no words coming out.

        "Sorry mate. We thought you were someone else," Harry said as he took in the scene. He grabbed me by the waist and started to pull me away as the Zayn look-alike stood up.

        "If the little lady wants to have dinner with me, she can stay." His voice was gruff now, the shyness completely gone. He began popping his knuckles in that I'm-gunna-kill-you way.

I felt Harry tense at my side. "You got it wrong, bro. She's looking for her boyfriend."

Bad Boy shook his head and came closer to us. His big, tattooed arms flexed as he walked even closer.

        "She doesn't have to look, cause he's right here," he poined to himself. "Let. Her. Stay."

Harry swallowed hard and released me. I glanced at him, terrified, shocked that he was going to leave me here with this savage bad boy.

        "Alright, alright. But have her home before...SHEYANNA RUN!!!" At that I ran, bursting through the restaurant doors, Harry at me side. I ran as fast as I could, my heels making mad clicks on the cold pavement. We ran a block before we stopped to see if we were being chased.

        "I think. We lost. Him." Harry said between gasps for air.

I nodded my head and put my hands on my knees, trying to breathe. The air was cold and sharp, reluctantly filling my lungs. We caught our breath and I apologized.

        "We could have died back there!" I laughed. The dimples in Harry's smile deepened and he let out a throaty chuckle.

We walked on, and with each step my heart sank a little deeper. Conversation became light, and I could tell Harry was becoming doubtful too. My happiness was completely gone as we turned down  an alley I knew we had already been down.

        "Maybe he's back at the hotel," Harry suggested, his voice low. Rain began to fall, trickling at first, then coming down in steady drops. We stepped under an apartment roof to shield off some of the rain.

Just then, we heard wet footsteps coming from the darker end of the alley. We sat quietly as whoever it was approached us. I watched intently as the figure passed us, and stepped into the streetlight, showing his features in more detail. A dark jacket was slung over his shoulder, revealing a dress shirt and tie. Dark hair lay wet and messy above his face, his lips slightly pouted  in a small, solemn look. The rain didn't bother him.

I squinted harder, trying to take in all of his features. My heart fluttered and jumped about, and at that moment I knew who this man was.

        "Zayn!" I called hoarsely, but surprisingly loud. "Zayn!"

The figure turned towards me. I hopped off the steps where Harry and I had seaken shelter and slipped off my heels before I began running.

      "Sheyanna?" his voice was a question.

        "Zayn!" I squealed. My toes splashed through the puddles as I ran, quicker, towards him. He dropped the jacket that was flung over his shoulder to the ground and opened his arms. I ran right into them.

        "Zayn, Zayn, I'm so..." I couldn't finish. Tears spilled down my cheeks, or maybe it was rain, and my throat burned with words begging to come out.

        "Sheyanna, no it wasn't you! It was me, all me..." his arms were strong around me.

        "No, no," My voice cracked with sobs. "I"

He pulled away from me and turned my face towards him.

        "I will never leave you." His deep brown eyes peered into mine. "Never."

With that his hands came up to my face, his thumbs wiping the hot tears from my cheeks. He let a hand drop to my chin and cupped it with strong fingers. Our lips met desperately. I had never missed someone so much in my life. I kissed him, harder, wanting and needing so much of him I couldn't seem to get. He was holding me so close to him, his arms supporting me completely. My legs were tangled around him, my fingers lost in his soaking wet hair. Rain poured all over us, and I could feel my dress clinging to my body like a second skin. Happiness swelled up in my stomach, sending butterflies all through my body. This feeling was pure magic, and I couldn't help but giggle.

        "I. Absolutely. Truly. Completely. Love. You." I laughed between our kisses.

        "Totally." I could feel his lips curve into a wide smile. Our Notebook make out ended slowly and he sat me down, smoothing my dress down for me.

        "You guys done already?" Harry asked as he came closer to us. Woah, he was there the whole time?

We laughed and Zayn's arm wrapped around my wet waist.

        "Done. For now." I added, my arms tightly placed around Zayn's neck. He grinned down at me.

        "Well, let's get you two home, then." Harry laughed.

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