You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


7. Seven ღ


Within 24 hours, I had: met Zayn Malik, talked to Zayn Malik, hugged Zayn Malik, kissed Zayn Malik, fell uncontrollably in love with Zayn Malik, and was officially clamied as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. That's a whole lot of Zayn Malik for one day.

I ran through my drawers, searching like a mad woman for a decent outfit. This shirt looked weird with that skirt, these heels didn't match that dress; the list went on and on. Zayn just sat on the bed, watching me intently.

        "I'm telling you, you'll look good in anything," he kept saying. "Better yet, show up in nothing. That'll look splendid on you." I couldn't help but laugh at that one.

I finally decided on an outfit. The skirt I found was deep brown, with tiny tan flowers speckled all over it. It fell a few inches above my knees, with a thick belt that tied in the middle. I chose a plain white, round neck shirt and tucked it into my skirt, really showing off my hourglass shape. I wasn't a big fan of heels, so I chose white flats to go with it. Dangly flower shaped earrings hung from my ears, and my hair curled in ringlets that framed my face. I brushed a little makeup on, enough to highlight my best features, and stepped out to let Zayn see.

His reaction was far more than what I bargained for. When I stepped out of the room, he was scrolling on his phone, sitting at the counter. I leaned against the doorway that led to my bedroom and waited for him to look up. He glanced up, probably feeling me staring at him, and his expression changed completely. His eyes went from intent and focused to soft and in awh. His brows lifted, and his mouth slightly opened in a small smile. His eyes scanned down every inch of my body and back up again, finally landing on my face.

        "," he breathed. Finally, I had him at a loss for words. I walked closer to him, putting my hands on my hips to try and look confident. "Do I look okay?"

His face seemed to tighten, searching for the words to say and questioning the ones he found. "Okay? Okay?..." he was shaking his head as he came up to me. "Okay just isn't the word." He put his hands at the top of my torso, letting them slide down and over my curves. He brought them back up and cupped my face, outlining and tracing my cheeks with his thumbs. He put a hand behind the back of my head, stroking my hair, and leaned in and gave me a long, soft kiss. When I opened my eyes and looked into his, I smiled. Everything he needed to say was right there.

        "So I look okay?" I asked again, knowing he'd laugh. He grinned and groaned, looking up at the ceiling as if he was asking for help.

        "Kidding," I said, playfully grabbing the collar of his white polo shirt to plant another one on him. We were still smooching when Harry and Louis walked in.

        "Looks like we interrupted something," Louis snickered.

        "Interview in 20 minutes. Did you have enough time to do your hair?" Harry teased Zayn. "It looks different."

        "I did his hair," I said proudly.

        "Yeah, you were probably naked too. That's the only way you'd get to touch Zayn's hair," they snickered as we were leaving the hotel room. I blushed and looked at Zayn, who was already  smirking with embarrassment. Little did they know, that's exactly how it happened.

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