You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


19. Nineteen ღ

Of all the sleepless nights I spent dreaming about love, none of them could have ever prepared me for this. Words can't describe the emotions bubbling inside of me; sizzling and popping like the heat that's suddenly in my bedroom. I calm my thoughts enough to slip my feet out of my dress; the pale pink fabric pooled on the floor like a puddle.

His eyes scan my features as I stand, exposed and vulnerable; my lacey bra and panties the only cover I have. This registers in my mind, making my confidence fly away like a freed bird. My shoulders arch inward, trying to hide my insecurities. He sees this and furrows his brows, disgruntled.

        "You are so..." his fingers trail along my naked side. "Perfect." His hand moves to the small of my back, softly pushing me into him. "Don't hide anything from me. I want it all. All of you." He goes for my jawline, his lips gnawing at my oh-so sensitive skin. My body is exploding with butterflies.

I feel him laugh into my neck. Wha?! Did I do something wrong?! I swallow hard, scrounging up what was left of my confidence.

        "Something funny, Mr. Malik?" My voice came out surprisingly steady, despite my state of mind.

He chuckled again, this time pulling away. His arm swooped behind me as he picked me up bridal style, his sly smile never leaving those heavenly lips.

        "Can't have you getting weak on me," he whispered at my ear, laying me down on the bed. Man, he could tell?! Maybe I'm not as sassy as I thought I was. His arm moved from my neck only to be replaced by a crazy soft pillow. Oooooh.

        "Comfy?" He asked, slightly hovering over me as he shifted the pillow under my head. His body was strong above me, intimidating me but making me tremble all at once.

        "Mhm," I said, watching him work about me. "But this..." I popped a button open on his white dress shirt. "has got to go." His eyes met mine, a slight smirk becoming profound on his lips. He dipped his head, letting our lips brush softly, before teasingly slipping off of me. I rested on my elbows, trying to calm my pleading needs.

I tried to swallow as I watched him loosen his tie, his fingers steady and diligent with their work. The seconds seemed to be hours, making me hop up with anticipation.

        "Allow me," I said, my hands wrapping around the length of his tie. He smiled, knowing his playful tease was driving me absolutely insane.

        "Not very patient, are we?" he said slyly. I popped the button closest to his neck but stopped, looking up at his cheeky grin.

        "Any other time I would be," I said in a low whisper, undoing two more buttons. "Just not right now."

He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear, taking time to twirl it between his fingers. "Have I ever told you how I love curly hair?"

I chuckled, trying to steady my trembling fingers. His hand was falling down, past my neck, on down my back. I was nearing the last button as I heard a muffled snap come from behind me. I had little time to process what had happened as Zayn grinned mischievously, gently slipping my bra off without breaking eye contact.

        "Zayn. Malik..." I said in an astounded tone. He continued his grin, his lips twerked to the side.

        "That patience thing? I suck at it too." He flung the garment to the side.

I couldn't help but giggle as I stripped the dress shirt off of him, revealing his rock hard, smoldering body. His slacks hung low along his hips, his tattoo peeking up over the fabric. Never in my life could I have imagined how insanely hot he really was.

With a pop of a button and the growl of a zipper, his pants laid on the floor beneath us. Gray boxers clung tightly to his figure.

        "Oh, but these..." his hands were at my hips, trailing along my panty line. "These are just going to be in my way." He tugged gently, making them slip down a little.

        "No no," I said, as if I were scolding him. I pushed him lightly, making him fall to the bed. "Not just yet."

He stuck out his lower lip and watched intently as I turned my back to him and began taking off my black, shiny heels. I slipped a finger between my heel and the shoe, sliding it off my foot enticingly. I repeated this with the other one, making him shake with anticipation. He was sitting up, his hands in his hair. I padded over to the edge of the bed, sitting on his lap. His hands immediately met my hips.

        "Oh, those freckles..." he whispered, his fingers tracing a few that were speckled along my back. "Makes me want to play connect-the-dots..."

I laughed at his humorous reference. "Really? Need a pen?" My voice was coy.

        "Pen? Nah, I'll make do with what I have..." he said, planting a warm kiss on the freckle at my neck. Every nerve in me sang as he continued, kissing his way down my right arm. My fingernails instinctively dug into his legs, making him pause long enough to clear his throat. Good, this was getting to him too.

He began his way down my left arm as a quiet click echoed through the hotel room. We snapped back to reality, stopping in our tracks. Seconds flew by as we heard muffled voices in the living room. We hadn't locked the door when we came in...

        "Crap!" Zayn's hands strongly lifted up on my hips as he scrambled to grab the covers. He threw the duvet around me and picked up his pants. Footsteps sounded through the room, nearing my bedroom. Zayn slipped his pants back on, the dark slacks hanging lazily from his hips. The footsteps came closer before we heard a hard knock on the door.

Hastily, Zayn stepped to the door, grabbing the knob with some annoyance. I snuggled under the sheet, trying to hide myself the best I could.

          "Yes?" He swung the door open, revealing his four bandmates.

        "ZAYN!!! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" Louis yelled, tackling him in a small hug. The others piled on too, laughing and yelling as well.

        "Yes, I'm alive!" humor began to creep into Zayn's voice. Before long, he was laughing too. Their crazy embrace ended and the stood back, catching sight of me.

        "Hey guys," I waved shyly. They all just stood there, wide eyed. Zayn cleared his throat.

        "We were just watching a movie," his hand went up through his hair. I slowly nodded in agreement.

        "Oh, with the TV off..." Harry grinned, wiggling his eyebrows at us.

        "Uhoh, we interrupted something, ay?" Niall grinned. Mischievous smiles grew on all their faces.

        "Let's go guys, so they can get back to watching that movie," Liam winked. "Glad you're alright Zayn."

They filed out of the room, grinning evilly and laughing. They shut the door, but not without a "Get some, Zayn!" from Harry.

Zayn rolled his eyes and locked the door, making his way back to the bed.

        "I am so, so sorry..." he apologized, laying down beside me.

        "It's fine, baby." I said, kissing him softly. I grabbed his white button up and slipped it on, crawling back beside him. His arms wrapped around me, pulling me closer to his warmth. I listened to his heartbeat gradually slow down and fell asleep safely in his arms.

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