You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


9. Nine ღ


The building was brightly lit and pretty retro on the inside. We walked down a few halls before we were escorted into the room where the interview was being held. A white couch sat in the middle of the room, a deep brown side table on the left of it. A few fake plants were distributed throughout the room, and the TV lights were everywhere, giving the room a white glow. My stomach turned at the thought of being recorded. I was brought back to reality by Zayn grabbing my hand.

        "Niall and Louis, you guys are on the edges. Zayn and Harry fill in, and Liam you're in the middle. And who is this?" A woman with short brown hair and business-like voice pointed at me. I felt myself slide behind Zayn, pretty much hiding.

Zayn brought his arm around me and pulled me up front, almost showing me off. "This is Sheyanna, my new girlfriend. And she's staying here with us." He said, his voice almost demanding. Had I not been terrified, I probably would have been totally turned on.

The woman let her pointing finger fall to her side and nodded, obviously taken aback by Zayn's assertiveness. She went back to the edge of the room where she had emerged and began speaking with a cameraman. The boys sat accordingly on the couch. Zayn turned to me before taking his seat.

        "Goodluck kiss?" He asked, stealing one no matter if I was going to or not. I relaxed a little, letting all my worries and fears go into his lips. We pulled away and he gave my hand a quick squeeze before letting it go and sitting beside Niall and Liam. I sighed and leaned against the wall, more for support than anything. His kisses still left me breathless.

A woman with blonde bumped up hair and stillhettos came in and sat in the interviewers chair. Her skirt was black and extremely too short, coming up way above her knees. Her deep blue shirt would have been pretty, had it shown less of her very small cleavage and more of the silky fabric. She smiled a seductive smile while greeting the boys, letting her words and voice pur like a cat. Like a skanky, hooker cat, that is. I folded my arms across my chest and eyed her up and down.

Zayn glanced over at me, worry bedded in his brows. I tried to shake off my obvious insecurity to give him a sexy smile and mouthed "Cougar" slowly. He read my lips and chuckled, giving me a wink. This skankface wasn't impressing him at all.

She nodded to the camera crew and one of them started counting down from five. The boys shifted in their seats, preparing to answer questions. The blonde crossed her legs and sat up straighter, an obvious attempt to reveal more cleavage. And once again, Zayn didn't notice. I eased up a little.

        "Hello Charlotte. I'm here live with the hotest band on the charts right now, the One Direction!" She began, grinning and batting her eyes at the camera. "And must I say, these guys ARE hotter in person." She winked at the boys, who laughed tightly. What. A. Slut.

        "I've got a bunch of questions for you cuties," she said, chewing on her pen. "So let's get to it."

She asked a bunch of dumb, pointless questions that fans were guranteed to already know. She twirled her hair and bit her lip when she felt like it. I glanced over to Zayn, who looked almost bored. His arm was stretched across the couch, and he had his left leg crossed over his right knee. His foot bobbed up and down, almost like he was trying to make time go by quicker. He glanced at his watch and let out a sigh. Then he looked over at me. I pretended to copy her; putting my hands on my hips and saying blah blah blah, twirling my hair and just totally being stupid. It made him laugh, probably a little too loud, and he stuck his tongue out at me. I giggled too, but swallowed hard when I noticed Miss Cougar had seen our rendezvous. She looked over her shoulder at me and I waved, trying to be as cute as her. She rolled her eyes and returned her attention to the boys.

        "So! Relationship statuses?" She asked. "Even though we want you all to be SINGLE!" she laughed, even though she probably desperately meant that last part. She started with Niall.

        "I'm still waiting on my princess," he smiled, his pale blue eyes shy.

        "But until then he'll marry Nandos," Harry added.

        "Definitely," Niall nodded. "I'd love a woman who could cook like Nandos. I'd never let her go," All the guys chuckled and Louis piped up.

        "I'm still with Eleanor." He smiled. Awh, they were just too cute together. "But Harry is still my lover,"

Harry agreed, "Louis is mine. Me and Eleanor share. No but seriously, I'm still single," he grinned a little.

        "Danielle and I are still together," Liam nodded. They'd been together for almost two years, it was crazy. I couldn't help but be happy for them. I wanted what they had too. The interviewer chick nodded and looked at Zayn. "Lemme guess, single?" she grinned.

Zayn cleared his throat and shook his head. "Taken. Very taken."

The look on Cougar's face was priceless. She shook off the shock and asked, "When did this happen?"

He sat up, his hands together and he looked up at her. "It's been pretty recent. But when it hasn't been very long, and you're already as crazy as I am over her, you know it's real." He smiled a little and looked at me. I was holding my breath.

        "I don't know. It's crazy, the feelings that can form so quickly. I mean, when I seen her the first time, it was like someone punched me in the stomach. She was so pretty. And her smile makes my knees buckle. I pretty much died and came back to life when I met her. All I knew was that this girl was amazing and I had to get to know her and see her again," he fiddled with his hands before looking back up at me. I smiled and bit my lip, my eyes threatening to spill a few tears.

        "She must be a lucky girl, then. To have such an affect on a popstar," she began, twirling the pen between her fingers. "Are you sure you can handle a girlfriend right now, at this point in your career?"

He shrugged and let his hands clap together. "I could care less about if I can handle it right now. I'm doing it. The other guys have done it. I can too. You just don't pass up someone you get that feeling with. No matter where you are in life," he nodded. The boys shook their heads in agreement, and the blonde nodded as well. "Ah," was all she said.

        "Ah is right," Zayn spoke again. "And I want everyone to meet her." My stomach turned nervously as Zayn got up and came over to me, taking my hand and leading me to the couch. He sat down and let me set on his lap.

        "We can get her a stool," the blonde said, sort of annoyed.

        "She's fine," Zayn returned, with the same tone of annoyance.

She nodded and began hesitantly. "What's your name?"

I swallowed, collecting my thoughts. Don't screw this up was all that came to mind. "Sheyanna. Sheyanna Stillwell." I smiled, trying not to be shy.

        "Okay, Sheyanna. Where are you from?"

I felt Zayn put his arms around me, his hands meeting at my stomach. I put my hands over his and answered. "Virginia. Like, the Southwest part of it. You know, Glade Spring? Meadowview? Saltville? Yep, that's the jest of it," I nodded, happy with my answer. I heard Zayn chuckle as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

        "So you were just some random fan? What'd you do to sweep Zayn Malik off his feet?" she asked, obviously not seeing how I could turn Zayn's head. I laughed a little and tried to reply cooly.

        "I honestly have no idea. One minute I'm coming into the hotel, the next I'm leaving with him holding my hand. It seems like I blinked and all this happened with my eyes closed."

        "So you're saying you did absolutely nothing for this relationship?" She asked, probably trying to frame me. I was quiet for a second, trying to find a way to answer.

        "She did everything for this relationship," Zayn started. "She was a big fan of our music. She bought cds and posters and knew every song by heart. Fans are how we've gotten as big as we are. We love our fans. And then I see her, naturally I had some grattitude. If it wasn't for fans like her, we'd be nowhere," he finished, finally taking a breath. I smiled at his defensiveness.

        "So you're a major fangirl," the Cougar said flatly. I laughed again, and decided to give her what she wanted.

        "Yep. Completely. Just a little 'ol fan that got lucky," I smiled and turned to Zayn, giving him a nice kiss. We let it last pretty long just to tick Miss Nosey off. She cleared her throat and began to speak to the camera.

        "Well that seems to have summed this up. That's all for today! Love to you all." The camera light went out and we all got up, and the blonde didn't even say bye.

        "She was so nice," I said, putting my arms around Zayn.

He laughed, "Well she's one of my exes," he said, almost embarrassed. I took in what I had just heard. It all made sense.

        "I'm sorry. You could tell I was a little jealous," I said sheepishly. He smiled and shook his head. "Nothing to be jealous over. Things ended quickly and we moved on. It led me to you, so it had to be the best decision I've made in my life." He put his arm around my side and gave me a light squeeze. I smiled and nodded, not wanting to press the issue. No one likes to be questioned continuously about their exes. Besides, he was mine now. That's all that mattered, right? 

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