You Stole My Heart ღ

Like any normal teen girl, Sheyanna dreamed of the day she'd meet her favorite band, One Direction. She loved their music and of course found them all extremely attractive. When that day comes, however, Sheyanna is faced with a whole new line of problems: she has became truly and passionately in love with one of the boys. Can their romance survive the miles between their homes? Or will it burn, like the love that already is in their hearts? Find out now :)


11. Eleven ღ


 "Zayn! Quit it!" I giggled, trying to catch my breath. I felt like I had just ran a mile, but I hadn't. It was just being near him.

I threw the sheet over my my head and hid. I felt fingers creep up over the top and he pulled the covers away. His deep brown eyes shone with happiness as he peered down at me, his mouth in that irresistible half smile that drove me crazy. I remember drooling over him on my many posters. Now, the real thing was a touch away.

        "Come on, this movie is so boring!" he pleaded, putting his hands behind his head as he flopped over beside me. He stuck out his lower lip, trying to persuade me.

        "Zayn Malik, you take that back. Twilight is the best dang movie out there," I said, scolding him. He rolled over and growled into the pillow. He'd been this way since we had gotten back to the hotel. Just anxious, and he constantly had his hands on me. I couldn't even watch Twilight for ten minutes without something happening. Not that I minded, because, well, he was Zayn. No further explanation. But I couldn't help but wonder if Cougar had anything to do with it.

He laid still for a minute, and I couldn't stand it anymore. I quietly picked up my pillow and whopped him, right on his sexy back. He popped up, grinning of course, and grabbed his pillow. We hit each other till feathers slipped out of the pillows, landing all around the room. We were laughing hard and I threw my pillow down to the floor and fell back on the bed.

        "You're unarmed," he grinned, slyness poised on his lips, and he moved over to me. I put my arms up in defense and continued laughing as he grabbed me playfully, kissing my cheeks and ending at my lips. Our kisses lasted until I couldn't help but laugh. He was laughing too, and we just kissed and laughed until the door flew open. Niall and Liam stood on the other side of the doorway, and Harry and Louis peered in at us from the couch. All four of their mouths were wide open. Zayn and I watched as their eyes took in the scene; feathers everywhere, pillows busted, and Zayn on top of me kissing away. We all stared at each other silently, until Zayn slowly moved off of me and sat down next to me. We both lifted the covers and slid under them, vanishing completely and peeking at the other guys. Liam was the first to move, his hands going to the door knob, his mouth still open. The door closed and it was silent. Then I heard Louis squeal.

        "THEY WERE DOING IT!!!!"

I heard Zayn growl and he flung the covers and jumped up, swinging the door open.

        "We WERE NOT doing it," he hissed.

        "Well you were well on your way," Harry chuckled.

        "No we weren't!" Zayn said.

        "Yes you were,"

        "No we weren't!"




Zayn let out a sigh of annoyance and closed the door. He stepped back to the foot of the bed and set down. All was quiet till I heard Harry call out "THEY WERE SO DOING IT GUYS!"

I laughed and crawled down to the edge of the bed. "We better clean up our mess," I said, putting my arms over his shoulders from behind. He nodded and chuckled softly, shaking his head.

I got up and fumbled around until I found a mini vacuum cleaner in the storage closet. I plugged it in and began sucking up our feathery mishap. I caught Zayn looking at me, his eyes sizing me up. I turned to him and put my hands on my hips, asking what he was looking at.

        "Oh, I dunno," he smiled as he swept off the nightstand with his hand. Feathers floated daintily down to the floor, and I moved to vacuum them up.

        "Tell me!" I pressed.

He laughed and cleared his throat nervously. "I was gunna say you look sexy vacuuming. With your sex hair and all."

I looked into the mirror and seen what he was talking about. Instead of fixing it, I messed it up some more. "Thank you," I nodded properly before cracking up. He laughed too, and we finished cleaning up. We made the bed and set down on the edge, contemplating on how to spend our evening.

        "I know," he said suddenly, his eyes lighting up. He grabbed a blanket and two pillows and took me by the hand. "Follow me." We sneaked out of the room and made our way down the hall. We stopped at the janitors closet, and the door was slightly ajar. We slipped inside.

        "Where are we going?" I asked, not sure if we were breaking rules by being here. He piled the pillows into the blanket and folded it up, throwing it over his shoulder and giving me his free hand.

        "C'mon, just trust me," he looked down at me, his eyes pleading. I took his hand and he helped me up onto the ladder. We climbed up for a few minutes before we hit a small door at the top. Zayn tugged and pulled at the lock until the door popped open, letting in a little breeze. He climbed through the opening and sat the bundled up covers down, then came back to help me up.

The sight from above was beautiful. Lights shone from the town, dancing around on our faces. Cars beeped and honked occasionally. Even though it was night, the town still stirred with life.

Zayn grabbed the blanket and spread it across the shingled roof. He sat out the two pillows and laid his head down on one, and the patted the seat beside him. I made my way over to him and laid down, resting my head on his arm. We were quiet for a minute, admiring the stars.

        "Every hotel we stay at always has a little escape door somewhere," he said. I stayed quiet, listening intently. His eyes were still up, looking at the stars. "I always find it too. Just walk out on the roof, set and watch cars go by, look at the moon and the stars. It helps me get away from it all. Let's me be alone," he continued on. I wasn't sure if he was talking to me, or thinking aloud.

        "You like being alone?" I finally asked, gazing at the sky. A few gray clouds slid over the moon, dulling our light. A few moments passed and the moon shone again, bright yellow.

        "Sometimes," he spoke softly. His free arm went up behind his head. "I mean, I love what I do. My life and everything. But sometimes, I'd just come out here to wonder. Because I always felt like I was missing something. I ached for something," he paused a moment, and then looked over at me. I glanced over at him.

        "But I don't feel like that now," he finished, His eyes flicked from my eyes to my mouth a few times, and he came closer, kissing me. His kiss was soft, barely there at first. He pulled away a second, but came back, this kiss had a little more in it. I felt color rush up to my cheeks as our kisses became more urgent, more rhythmic. His hand came up, laying lightly on my cheeks, and then sliding back to my neck. His thumb caressed a small spot that laid at my neckline, tracing little invisible circles. The passion began slipping away, the kisses became softer, more gentle. The last one was barely felt, but well known.

I opened my eyes slowly and looked at him. It had to be the dreamiest sight I could have ever imagined. His lips formed a faint smile as he looked back at me. He pulled me closer, wrapping me up in his warmth. Despite the heat of what just happened, I could feel myself drifting off into a slumber, in and out, terrified that this was all a dream. That I'd wake up, and be alone like I always did. I was comforted be the sound of his voice, so close, above my head.

        "Sheyanna," he spoke softly.

        "Hmm... I said, sleep threatening to overtake me.

He waited a few seconds before talking again.

        "I love you,"

My eyes opened slowly while my brain tried to take in what he'd just said. I looked up at his face, and convinced myself that I wasn't dreaming. That this was completely real. I snuggled up closer to his neck and sighed happily.

        "I love you too, Zayn."

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