Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


7. 7. The Punishment 1

I looked at Zayn, biting my lip, smiling. He was standing across the room with his arms folded. He held an intense eye contact with me while Harry talk to him. Niall was with them, too. When Zayn winked at me, I bowed my head, remembering how he had teased me last night. Our first date was perfect. We ate, we drank wine and we talked, getting to know each other, before we made out on that blanket under the stars.

I lifted my head up and looked at him again. I couldn’t keep away from him. I was attracted to him like a moth's attracted to the fire. Zayn’s eyes were fixed on me and there was the most dangerous yet hot smirk on his face.

‘Are you even listening what I’m talking about, mate?’ Harry asked, complaining a tad, and Zayn took his eyes off of me.

‘Yeah, Haz, I’m listening,’ Zayn lied, turning to him.

‘Gather round, people,’ Paul said loudly. ‘I have a few announcements to make.’

‘Come sit next to me,’ Zayn whispered in my ear, slapping my butt, and walked away. I looked about to see if anyone had noticed but everyone had already found a seat on the table. I hurried and took a seat next to Zayn.

Paul was standing opposite us. He cleared his throat before he began announcing a bunch of stuff. Zayn sat back and put his arm around the back of my chair. I looked at him but he was looking at Paul. He was nodding as if he was listening but nobody was really listening to the big bodyguard. All the other boys were texting and Lou was playing with Lux. Then, I had an idea. I placed my hand on Zayn’s inner thigh and he jolted, turning to me. I smiled innocently at him and began stroking it. He swallowed hard, clenching his jaw and restraining himself. His eyes were staring into mine.

‘Zayn,’ Paul called and Zayn groaned, tearing his eyes away from mine to look at him. Then, Paul asked, ironically, ‘Are you having concentration problems again?’

Zayn shook his head back and forth, gritting his teeth. I wasn’t stroking his inner thigh anymore. I was rubbing it. His hands were turned into fists and he looked as if he was about to explode. It was driving him crazy that he could do nothing about it other than control his urges.

‘Tell everyone what I’ve just said, then,’ Paul dared, folding his big arms.

‘Fine,’ Zayn said in a hoarse voice. He grabbed my wrist, stopping my hand from wandering, and cleared his throat. Then, he repeated what Paul had said.

Paul nodded, looked at his papers and went on.

‘Sucks to be teased, doesn’t it?’ I told him, proud of myself for succeeding in making him lose his mind, even for a moment.

Zayn snorted before he said through his teeth, ‘I’ll punish you for this, doll. I promise.’

‘Whatever,’ I replied, coolly, but actually I dreaded of what he would do.


I was walking in the corridor, holding at least a dozen jackets in my hug and trying not to drop any of them. Some days, my job just sucked so badly.

‘Hi, Vod,’ Niall said. ‘Need any help?’

‘No, thanks, I’m fine,’ I replied from behind all the jackets.

Niall laughed loudly before he said, ‘Let me help you.’ He took all the jackets from my hands and headed to the dressing rooms. I walked beside him.

‘I could have carried them myself, you know,’ I told him.

‘I know you could have,’ Niall replied and went on, joking, ‘They’re not heavy at all.’

When I laughed, he smiled. He dropped the jackets on the sofa and I told him, ‘Thank you Irish boy.’

‘Don’t mention it,’ he said, putting his hands on his waist. ‘I like helping damsels in distress. Especially when they look like you.’ I smiled, looking at the floor. ‘I’m hungry,’ he stated, touching his stomach. ‘I’ll go grab a quick bite. Join me?’ he asked.

‘Too tired,’ I replied, pouting.

‘I’ll carry you there if you want,’ Niall suggested, shrugging, and I laughed again. Then, he said, ‘Turn around.’ I frowned. ‘Just, turn around,’ he insisted. So, I did. I stiffened when he put his hands on my shoulders but when he began massaging them, I totally relaxed.

When he massaged my neck, my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I moaned, ‘Oh, God, Niall, I love your hands. They’re like magic!’

Niall chuckled, withdrawing his hands, and I pressed my lips, mentally slapping myself because of my lack of self control. I slowly turned to him. His cheeks were stained with a deep shade of red while his hands were covering his crotch. Oh, God, no … Did he really just got aroused so easily!?

‘I have to go now,’ Niall blurted out. ‘Have a nice night, Vod,’ he added, leaving the room.

I sighed, annoyed. ‘Great,’ I said to myself. ‘Seeing him tomorrow won’t be awkward at all.’


The minute I returned home from work, I kicked my shoes off and stripped out of my clothes. In the dark and only in my underwear, I headed to the bedroom, but when someone turned on the lights, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. I turned round and found a grinning Zayn moving closer.

‘What - do - you - think - that - you’re - doing!?’ I yelled in his face, hitting him on the chest.

‘Punishing you for what you did today,’ Zayn said, cockily, grabbing my wrists and staring at my body. Suddenly, I was very much aware that I was half naked in front of him.

‘Let go of me,’ I demanded, pushing him away. But he didn’t let go. Instead, he pulled me closer.

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