Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


35. 35. The Morning After

When I went to work the next morning, I found Zayn sleeping on the dressing rooms’ big brown leather sofa. He was still wearing his all black suit from last night’s Masquerade Ball and I wondered if he went back to his flat at all. His black shirt was opened a few buttons and his black hair was disheveled. Zayn was so ruggedly handsome.

It was eight a.m. and nobody else was around yet, so, I carefully placed all the clothes I was holding on the floor and knelt next to the sofa. I studied him for a moment. Zayn was breathing deep, but he wasn’t sleeping peacefully. His brow was furrowed and he kept sighing heavily. I touched his hair, pouting. I missed him so much and wanted him back, but he was with Cece now. Everything was my fault and I deserved all of it.

When I heard someone coming, I held back a gasp, went on all fours and quickly hid behind the sofa. Liam and Niall walked into the dressing rooms, laughing hard, and Zayn woke up, groaning. Liam and Niall sat down on either side of Zayn on the sofa.

‘What are you doing here, bro?’ Liam asked. ‘Didn’t you go home last night?’

‘No,’ Zayn replied, yawning big, stretching his arms and legs out in front of him. Then, he went on, ‘After I left the Ball, last night, I took Cece home and came here. I spent the whole night here. I couldn’t go to my flat.’

‘Why, mate? What’s wrong?’ Niall asked worriedly, patting him on the back.

Zayn sat back, letting out a deep sigh. Then, he said, ‘Everything in my flat reminds me of Vod. Especially, the bedroom. The bed sheets and the pillows still smell like her. I miss her desperately. I miss her innocence, her smile. I miss her hair, her face, everything. I miss everything about her and I want her to be mine again. I want her to be mine forever and always. When I saw her with Harry last night, I felt as if I was stabbed in the gut. Loving her and not having her is literally killing me.’

Hearing all this, my heart shattered into a million pieces, and by the end of Zayn’s little speech, tears were streaming down my face. But I didn’t dare stir from behind the sofa.

‘You should tell Vod all this, mate,’ Liam advised and encouraged. ‘She deserves to know what you feel about her.’

‘I can’t,’ Zayn simply said. ‘Vod doesn’t want anything to do with me at the moment and I don’t blame her. I was a massive jerk to her.’ They all fell silent for a while. Then, Zayn asked, ‘Do you know if Harry took her back to his place, last night?’

‘No, mate, sorry, we haven’t talked with him, today,’ Niall replied.

‘If he hurts her, I’m going to kill him,’ Zayn said through his teeth, growling. ‘I love Hazza, but if he uses her, I’ll honestly break his nose.’

‘No need for extreme measures, mate,’ Harry said jokingly, coming in the dressing rooms, too. Louis was with him, but he was talking on the phone. Harry went on, ‘Nothing happened between Vod and I last night. We danced and had fun, but at the end of the night, I took her to her flat and drove away.’

When Louis hung up, he said, ‘Guys, did anyone notice that Vod’s things are in here?’

And then, there was dead silence. I was petrified. The boys knew I was somewhere in the room with them. I squeezed my eyes shut, thinking that it would be lovely if I had the superpower of invisibility right now.

‘Vod,’ Zayn called softly, and as I opened my eyes, I stared at his shoes. He had found me and was standing right in front of me. ‘Get up, doll. Come on,’ he told me, offering me his hand. When I placed my hand in his, he held it tight and helped me get up. The other boys were standing side by side now and they had big smirks on their faces. Well, at least, they weren’t angry with me for hiding behind the sofa and eavesdropping on their conversation, something which I hadn’t done on purpose, by the way.

‘Oh, hey, guys,’ I said sheepishly, waving awkwardly at them.

‘Hey, Vod,’ Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall said in unison, creeping me out.

‘We’ll leave you two alone to talk,’ Liam said and they all nodded. The four boys left the dressing rooms, closing the door behind them, and I was left alone with Zayn.

‘Come sit with me,’ Zayn said. He was still holding my hand, so, he led me to the sofa and we sat down really close to each other. He studied my face for a moment, stroking his thumb on the back of my hand, but then, he let out another deep sigh, staring at my mouth. He settled his eyes on mine. ‘It hurt me when you told me that I was turning into Hunter,’ Zayn said. ‘But I need you to know that I would never hit you, doll. That’s not who I am.’

‘I know,’ I replied, cupping his cheek. Zayn put his hand over mine and rubbed his cheek against my palm. When his facial hair tickled my skin, I looked at my knees, smiling. Gosh, there were no words for how much I had missed this, him.

Zayn kissed my palm before he asked, ‘Will you forgive me for being such a massive jerk to you the last few days?’

‘Please, stop apologizing, baby,’ I told him. ‘I wasn’t a saint, either. I wasn’t fair to you and I said things I shouldn’t have.’

‘No. You’re perfect,’ Zayn argued, planting his soft lips on my palm again.

‘What about Cece?’ I asked.

‘I brought Cece to the Masquerade Ball only to make you jealous,’ Zayn confessed, kissing my forearm with his eyes closed. I pressed my lips together and hit him lightly on the shoulder. ‘And I guess it worked, too,’ Zayn added, chuckling.

‘Kiss me,’ I told him, clutching his shirt, and he half smiled at my demand. When I lay on my back on the sofa, Zayn got on top of me, pressing himself on me, and with his hands on either side of my chest, he finally kissed my lips. When he slid his tongue inside my mouth, I wrapped my arms around his neck, feeling perfectly at ease and finally at home.


I don't know, but I wanted Zayn and Vod back together, so, there you go! But what do you think? Do you like them together? Or, do you want her with Harry? Anyhoo, hope you liked! Marlboro. :) xx

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