Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


34. 34. The Masquerade Ball

‘Zayn brought a date,’ I said to myself, turning to Harry, looking blankly at his neck.

Harry cupped my face between his big hands, lifting my head up. I felt guilty because his touch felt nice and warm. ‘I’m sorry, love,’ he said softly, staring into my eyes. ‘I didn’t know Zayn would bring a date, tonight. I really didn’t…’ he said sincerely, trailing.

‘It’s fine,’ I said, shrugging. ‘We’ve broken up. He can do whatever he wants.’ I could see it in his clear green eyes that he was worried about me, but he nodded, playing along.

‘I’ll go get us some drinks,’ Harry simply said, dropping his hands from my face, shoving them into his trousers’ pockets. Grenade by Bruno Mars was playing and everyone was dancing around us. The minute Harry went away, someone came up behind me, wrapped their right arm around my stomach and gripped my left wrist with their left hand. It was Zayn, but I didn’t dare look over my shoulder.

‘Are you dating Harry?’ Zayn asked through his teeth, his hot breath whipping the back of my ear. He sounded angry and in pain. I parted my lips, but my mouth had gotten dry, and not a sound came out, so, I only shook my head back and forth in reply. I felt him relax, but only a little. He was still all tensed up. Zayn began swaying to the rhythm of the song, forcing me to sway along with him, and he sang into my hair, ‘I gave you all I had and you tossed it in the trash, you tossed it in the trash, yes, you did, to give me all your love is all I ever asked, ‘cause what you don’t understand, is I’d catch a grenade for you, throw my hand on the blade for you, I’d jump in front of a train for you, you know I’d do anything for you, listen, babe, I would go through all this pain, take a bullet straight through my brain, yes, I would die for you, baby, but you won’t do the same…’ Zayn let out a heavy sigh down my neck, holding me tighter. Then, he sang into my ear, spitting out every word, ‘You said you loved me, you’re a liar, ‘cause you never ever, ever did, baby…’ And then, he let me go and was gone.

I swirled round, but he had disappeared into the crowd. Forgetting that I had come to the Ball with Harry, I squeezed through all the masked people, searching for Zayn. But it was no use. I couldn’t find him anywhere. Ironically, I came across his date. She was wearing a beautiful blue dress and a beautiful blue half mask.

‘You must be Vod,’ she said, smirking, eyeing me nastily. She went on, folding her arms, showing off her manicured nails, ‘I’m Cece. Zayn and I hooked up after we met at a club a couple of months ago. I gave him my number in case he felt like hooking up with me again. I didn’t think I’d hear from him again, but he called me a few days ago. Actually, he called me right after you broke up with him. I’m not planning on letting him go this time, so, stay away from him. I’ll make him forget all about you.’

I glared. So, this was the girl Zayn had slept with the night that he and I first kissed. Brilliant. ‘Where is he?’ I asked, keeping calm.

Cece shrugged, looked around and replied, ‘He disappeared. He probably wanted to get as far away from you as possible.’ I blinked dully, her words had no power over me, and turned to leave, but she grabbed my wrist, digging her nails into my skin. I glared over my shoulder and she hissed in warning, ‘Zayn’s mine.’

I yanked my hand away and laughed in her face. ‘You wish,’ I said, getting my claws out. Cece was taken aback, so, she finally backed off for now. I shook my head, walking away.

I walked through the crowd and began to get frustrated, because, Zayn was nowhere to be found. But then, it hit me. I walked out on to the balcony and found him there, smoking a cigarette in peace. We were alone on the balcony. Only Zayn, I and the bright stars in the night sky up above us. When Zayn saw me, he took a last long drag from his cigarette before he threw it on the ground and smashed it under his black shoe. He blew out the thick cloud of white smoke, staring right at me. He had taken his black half mask off and he had unbuttoned the first few buttons of his black shirt. I felt ridiculously attracted to him right now, but I swallowed hard against the lump in my throat, keeping my feelings at bay. I walked closer to him.

‘You have a lot of nerve accusing me of never loving you, when you bring one of your exes as your date to the Ball, tonight,’ I told him angrily and with my hands balled into fists on my sides. I stopped a foot away from him, keeping a safe distance between us.

Zayn grinned coolly at that and moved closer. When I stepped back, he grabbed my arm, pulling me closer. ‘And you came here with Harry, tonight,’ he pointed out calmly, bearing his dark hazel eyes into mine.

‘That’s different,’ I argued. ‘We came together, but we're only friends.’

Zayn snorted, letting go of my wrist and digging his hands deep into his black trousers’ pockets. ‘Don’t be naïve, Vod,’ he said. ‘Harry’s dying to get in your pants and he’ll do anything to succeed, even if that means pretending to be your good friend for a while.’

‘That’s not true,’ I replied, shaking my head in denial.

Zayn shrugged, looking at the ballroom behind me. ‘I’m only giving you a heads up,’ he said indifferently, adding coldly, ‘It’s not really my business if you believe me or not anymore.’ My eyebrows flew up and my mouth hung open a little. Ouch. That was kind of harsh. And it kind of hurt. It hurt a lot, actually. I closed my mouth, bit the inside of my lower lip and nodded. Then, Zayn walked past me, and I stayed perfectly still, rooted to the spot. ‘By the way,’ Zayn began in a hoarse voice. We were standing with our backs to each other. He went on, ‘You look beautiful in the dress I bought you. And hot. I wish I was the one that could take you home, tonight.’

‘Zayn…’ I breathed, turning round, but he wasn’t there anymore. He had already gone inside.

I walked inside the ballroom, too, and Harry found me. ‘I’ve been looking for you,’ he told me, handing me a glass of champagne. ‘Did you talk with Zayn?’ he asked, sipping his own champagne.

‘Yes,’ I sighed, looking at the glass in my hands.

Harry nodded with a furrowed brow before he asked, ‘And how did it go?’

‘Not very well,’ I replied, pouting a little.

‘I see,’ Harry simply said. Then, he took my hand, brought it up to his mouth, kissed my fingers and continued, ‘Listen, love. We’re going to dance and we’re going to have a good time. I’ll make you forget about Zayn, tonight. How does that sound?’

‘Because you’re my friend, right?’ I asked. Zayn’s words were echoing in my mind: Harry’s dying to get in your pants and he’ll do anything to succeed, even if that means pretending to be your good friend for a while.

‘Yes, love. Exactly because of that,’ Harry replied with an impish grin playing on his full lips and I stared into his eyes, unsuccessfully trying to understand what he really wanted from me. Damn guys and the mind games they were always playing.

The rest of the night ran smoothly. Harry and I danced, laughed and got a little drunk, too, while Zayn and Cece left the Masquerade Ball half an hour after the little confrontation he and I had out on the balcony. I tried my very best not to think about where Zayn and Cece were going and what they were going to do, and kept having a good time with Harry.

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