Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


29. 29. You Give Love A Bad Name

‘And then, Hazza over here, was sitting stark naked on my sofa, getting wasted,’ Zayn told everyone, shaking his head. We were all sitting around the table in the TV room at work, having lunch and telling each other how we had spent Valentine’s Day, and even though Zayn was still a little mad at Harry about last night, the two boys were both smiling now.

Louis and Niall laughed loudly, clapping, while Liam blinked, wide eyed, before he joked, patting Harry on the shoulder, ‘Way to go, mate. You’ve really ruined Valentine’s Day Dinner for Zayn and Vod.’

Harry looked at me, half smiling. ‘Sorry,’ he said with a cheeky grin, shrugging. It was the eighteenth time he had apologized since last night, and yet, none of his apologies sounded sincere, only cheeky.

I was sitting on Zayn’s lap with my arm around his neck, touching his stomach with my other hand. I rolled my eyes, smiling. ‘It’s fine, Harry,’ I told him. ‘Please, stop apologizing.’ It’s not as if you mean it, anyway, I finished in my head.

‘What happened, then?’ Niall asked, eager to know what went down.

When I remembered what did happen then, the smile got wiped off my face. Harry and Zayn stared at me, each with a serious look on their faces, so, I faked a small smile before I replied, ‘Then, we all had dinner together.’ Nobody needed to know about Hunter. There was no use in it. Then, Zayn kissed me gently below my jaw, rubbing my back, while Harry winked at me sympathetically before he looked away. ‘How was your Valentine’s Day, Irish boy?’ I asked Niall, changing the subject.

‘Well,’ Niall began, sitting back in his chair. ‘It was the best night ever,’ he said, throwing popcorn in his mouth. He chewed, swallowed and went on, ‘I went home, ordered five Chinese dishes, ate it all by myself while watching a football match, took a hot shower and went to bed at midnight. I slept for eight whole hours. It was perfect.’ By the time, Niall had finished, everyone was looking at him, blinking.

‘I honestly don’t know why I keep getting surprised every time Niall says stuff like that,’ Louis said, patting Niall on the shoulder, and Niall shrugged, eating more popcorn.

‘What about you, Lou?’ Harry asked, sipping his Pepsi. ‘How was your night with Eleanor?’

‘Me and my man, Liam, over here, went on a double date. We took our ladies for a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant, and then, we parted ways, if you know what I mean,’ Louis said, all cocky and proud.

‘I’m really glad right now that we were in a public place and Harry couldn’t crash our date,’ Liam said, half joking, half serious. ‘You know, because he couldn’t have gotten naked in a restaurant!’

Harry laughed. ‘No, I couldn’t have done that,’ he said, smiling, deep dimples playing on his cheeks. I looked at him and couldn’t hide my smile. He was a really laid back and easy going guy, it was cute.

But then, something on the telly got my attention. It was on mute, so, I grabbed the remote, turning the volume on. On the news, the fire service was retrieving a black motorbike from a river. I would recognize that motorbike anywhere. It belonged to Hunter. My heart fell, my breathing quickened and every inch of me shattered. Where was Hunter? Had he drowned? Was he dead? Tears were streaming down my face before I knew it and I felt numb, slowly dissolving away. If Hunter had drowned in that river, I had drowned with him. If Hunter was dead, I was dead now, too. Dead until further notice.

The reporter said, ‘The motorbike belongs to twenty two year old male, Hunter Prior. Witnesses say that they watched in awe the young man push his motorbike into the river late last night before he lit a cigarette and walked away from the scene. Prior was involved in a bar brawl with One Direction’s, Zayn Malik, a while back, so, we can’t all help but wonder if what happened last night is a coincidence or if it has something to do with the famous boy band singer.’

All five boys looked at each other in shock. I, on the other hand, turned the telly off, wiped away my tears, pressed my lips tightly together, grabbed my phone and texted Hunter.

Me: I thought you died, you a-hole!

Hunter replied immediately.

Hunter..: Had you going for a while, didn’t I, babe?

I texted him back. I was furious.

Me: Wow. Real mature.

Hunter replied in mere seconds.

Hunter..: The thing with the bike was goodbye, babe. Don’t contact me again.

When I read his text, I felt as if he had shot me through the heart.

Me: Fine!

Hunter..: Stop texting me, Vod… ;)

I groaned, holding back the scream which had built in my throat, and threw my phone across the room. It hit the wall, falling on the floor in pieces.

‘Doll,’ Zayn called, grabbing my attention. I looked at him, breathing fast. ‘You know Hunter’s doing all this to get you back, right?’ Zayn said in a soft, patronizing tone, which sent me over the edge.

‘Oh, give it a rest, Zayn!’ I yelled, getting up from his lap. ‘He just told me to never contact him again!’

‘It’s a trick, Vod,’ Zayn yelled back, getting up, too.

‘I agree,’ Harry intervened.

I shot him a tiny glare. ‘Stay out of this, Harry,’ I warned.

‘It’s a trick, love,’ Harry told me, looking me dead in the eye.

‘What do you care anyway?’ I asked, pushing my luck.

‘Fine. Go get beaten again and see if I care,’ Harry replied coolly, shrugging.

My mouth fell. Ouch. That kind of hurt. Why was Harry being like this? What was his problem?

Liam, Louis and Niall were taken aback, while Zayn said, frowning, ‘Haz, what the hell, man?’

But Harry pushed his chair back, got up and left the room, without saying another word.

‘What’s up with him?’ Liam asked.

‘I have an idea,’ Louis muttered, texting, probably Harry.

I looked at Zayn. He was already looking at me. When my eyes met his honey colored ones, I sighed, calming down. I moved closer to him, put my hands on his ribs and looked at him from under my eyebrows. Zayn clenched his jaw, staying silent. ‘I don’t care about Hunter anymore,’ I told him. ‘But he still pisses me off sometimes.’

Zayn put his hands on either side of my face, stroking his thumbs under my eyes, and promised himself more than me, gnashing his teeth, ‘I’ll get him out from under your skin, doll.’

I smiled, grabbed his neck and pulled him to me, pressing our mouths together. When I sucked on his lower lip with everything I had to give, Zayn caught my top lip between his, kissing it gently.

‘Zayn,’ Niall called and I opened my eyes, frowning. Niall was standing behind him. My lips were still locked with Zayn’s, but Niall tapped him on the shoulder, calling his name again. I got a little mad. Couldn’t Irish boy see Zayn and I were kissing? When Niall called his name for the third time, Zayn groaned against my lips and broke the kiss.

‘What, Niall?’ Zayn asked, irritated, over his shoulder.

‘We have an interview, mate,’ Niall said, looking guilty that he had interrupted our kiss.

Zayn sighed heavily and pressed his forehead against mine, trailing his fingers across my jaw line. ‘Right,’ he said. ‘Back to reality now.’ Then, he took my hand in his and we walked to the room that the interview would take place.

Harry was already there, sitting on the sofa with a furrowed brow, pursed lips and tapping one foot on the ground. He was lost in thought, but when Zayn and I walked in, his emerald eyes found mine. He stared right at me and way too intensely for a moment before he tore his eyes away. Honestly, what was the matter with him? All the boys of One Direction sat down on that one large sofa and the interview began.


I'll be a bit busy the next couple of days, so, the next update will probably be over the weekend. But anyhoo, what did you think of the new chapter?? Marlboro. :) xx

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