Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


26. 26. Fix You

After the swimming lesson, Zayn and I went up to his flat. Harry tagged along but Niall went home. Harry hang around Zayn’s flat a lot lately. I came to the conclusion that Harry was the type of guy who wanted a bit of company but didn’t want to make much conversation.

I left the two boys in the living room and went to take a long, hot shower in Zayn’s en suite bathroom. I threw my bikini on the floor, got in the luxury glass shower and turned on the water, turning my back to it. I closed my eyes, tilted my head back and sighed, feeling the hot water pour down on me. I just stood there for the longest time but when the bathroom filled with steam, I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower.

When I realized I had forgotten to grab a towel, I tiptoed into Zayn’s room, naked and dripping wet. The boys had said that they’d watch a film, so, I thought I was going to be alone. But I was wrong, because, Harry was sitting on the end of Zayn’s double bed. When I saw him, I jolted, skipped a heartbeat and gasped, while when he saw me, his emerald eyes widened before he ran them all over naked little me. I parted my lips to yell at him something, anything, but Harry quickly got up, came to me in two long strides and covered my mouth with his hand.

‘Shh, love,’ Harry told me in a hushed tone. His face was inches from mine. ‘Perrie came knocking on Zayn’s door and he had to let her in. They’re having a massive fight in the living room right now, so, I’m hiding in here,’ he explained, dropping his hand from my mouth.

‘Oh,’ I said, blinking. Harry was right. I could hear Zayn and Perrie yelling at each other on the other side of the bedroom room. I felt sad for Zayn, but then, I remembered that I was standing butt naked only a breath away from Harry. I swirled around, standing with my back to him now, but it was kind of too late for that, because, Harry had had plenty of time to take a lot of good hard looks on every single part of me. ‘I forgot to grab a towel,’ I told him over my shoulder.

Harry walked to the bed, grabbed the towel from there and returned to me. I felt his warmth very close behind me. Harry breathed down my nape as he wrapped the towel around my body. He put his hands on my arms, gripped them a bit, and pressed his soft lips on my shoulder, gently kissing it. Then, he simply went away. Why? Why would Harry do that? I thought, hating myself for the butterflies I felt deep inside me. I turned round, pulling my wet hair over one shoulder.

‘Ah, great,’ I mumbled when I realized that I had forgotten my bag with my clothes in the living room. What was wrong with me today? Harry watched me intently as I walked to Zayn’s chest of drawers. After opening all the drawers, I groaned in complain.

‘What’s wrong?’ Harry asked with his eyes still fixed on me.

I looked at him. ‘My clothes are in the living room and Zayn doesn’t have any clean clothes in here! I swear he’s so messy sometimes.’

Harry pulled his wool jumper over his head. ‘Here,’ he said with a sweet smile, handing me his jumper. Too shocked to object, I took it, and Harry turned away, so, I could change, even though he had seen me naked only moments ago. He was a gentleman that way. When I put it on, goose bumps ran all over me, because, his body warmth and the way he smelled were in direct contact with my body right now through his jumper, and unfortunately, it felt kind of nice. Harry sat down on the end of the bed and I sat down beside him. I blushed as I was suddenly very aware that he was shirtless. There were only a few inches between us and I felt that if we attempted to brush our arms against each other, a tiny electroshock would run through us both. But none of us put that thought to the test.

‘I’m going to drag your name through the mud!’ Perrie screamed at Zayn and I rolled my eyes. She really needed to give it a rest. Perrie continued threatening, ‘And I’m going to drag your precious little stylist through the mud with you!’

‘That’s enough, Perrie,’ Zayn warned, raising his voice. ‘You should go now.’

‘I’m not going anywhere!’ Perrie screeched and the two of them went on fighting.

‘I don’t get it,’ Harry said, looking with an empty gaze at the carpet.

‘I don’t, either,’ I replied. ‘Nobody can fix what’s broken in pieces, so, why add all the drama to it? It only makes things worse.’

Harry looked at me and I forgot how to breathe for a moment because Harry never looked at someone. He stared. He always stared and it was frustrating. Harry said, ‘I don’t like that you’re broken in pieces, love, and I don’t think that Zayn’s the one that can fix you.’

At those words of his, I stiffened and my guard went up to the roof. ‘I was talking about Zayn and Perrie,’ I replied flatly.

‘I wasn’t,’ Harry said simply. ‘And what I meant before was, I don’t get why you still have feelings for Hunter.’

‘I don’t still have feelings for Hunter,’ I told him irritably, but Harry shook his head, as if he didn’t believe me.

Zayn walked in the bedroom, slamming the door behind him. He ran his hands through his hair, cursing under his breath. Perrie was gone now and Zayn was fuming with rage.

‘Everything alright, mate?’ Harry asked, attempting to grab his attention.

Zayn fixed his hazel eyes on Harry, on me, and then, back on Harry. ‘Why are you shirtless?’ Zayn asked, forgetting about his fight with Perrie for a moment, but still angry.

‘Vod forgot her clothes in the living room, so, I gave her my jumper,’ Harry explained, shrugging.

‘Doll, go change,’ Zayn ordered, looking right at me, and even though I didn’t appreciate his tone, I didn’t say anything because I understood that he was pretty upset right now. So, I got up and left the bedroom.

In the living room, I changed into a pair of pink pajama bottoms and a white tank top. After I got my wet hair into a messy bun, I folded Harry’s jumper. I was ready to return it to him but I couldn’t fight the need to hold it close to me. I closed my eyes, chewed my lip and held his jumper tightly against my chest, but at that moment, Harry walked out of the bedroom. Impulsively, I threw his jumper away from me and Harry caught it.

‘You’re such a girl,’ Harry told me with a half smile, putting his jumper on. He went on, ‘This is officially my favorite jumper now, you know, since you were naked when you had it on.’

‘Are you such a cheeky flirt with every girl you know?’ I asked, folding my arms, trying to hide my embarrassment that he had caught me pretty much having a make out session with his jumper.

‘Not with every girl, love,’ Harry replied with a wink. Then, he changed the subject. ‘I talked with Zayn about what happened between him and Perrie, tonight. I think I calmed him down a bit.’

‘Okay, thanks,’ I said.

Harry looked at me for a moment before he bowed his head, half smiling, and I couldn’t help but stare at the deep dimple which played on his cheek. Harry was a good looking guy. ‘I think I should better go now,’ he said, lifting his head up and I nodded. Then, he left the flat without looking back and I just stood there for a moment, looking at the front door.

I jolted a little when Zayn hugged me from behind. ‘I was waiting for you in the bedroom,’ he said, kissing my shoulder exactly where Harry had kissed it only a while ago. I smiled at the irony.

‘I was talking with Harry,’ I replied.

‘About what?’ Zayn asked, nibbling my neck.

‘About his jumper.’

Zayn chuckled into my ear. ‘What about his jumper?’ he asked and I wondered what was with all the questions all of a sudden.

I shrugged and lied. ‘I thanked him for lending it to me.’

‘I see,’ Zayn simply said. I didn’t think he believed me. Then, he swirled me round and when he threw me over his shoulder, I squealed a little bit.

‘Zayn! What are you doing?’ I asked, trying my best to hold back my giggles.

‘I need to let some steam off, doll,’ Zayn said, carrying me to his bedroom. ‘And I can’t think of a better way of doing it other than spending the night in bed with you.’


I can't thank you all enough for reading!!!!!!!! And for being patient with me when it sometimes takes me a while to update!!!!!! Hope you liked the new chapter! Marlboro. :) xx

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