Hey Bad Boy, You're A Tad Overrated

Violet Bronze, Vod, is One Direction’s new stylist and she hates how full of himself Zayn Malik is. Yes, he has smoldering good looks and a moody, mysterious attitude, but Vod is not so easily impressed. Or so she thought. When Zayn begins to send her mixed signals, one minute he acts as if he wants her, the next he ignores her, she doesn’t know what to think or what to do. But there’s one thing she’s dying to tell him, ‘Hey bad boy, you’re a tad overrated!’


16. 16. Underneath the Mistletoe

Harry held his New Year’s Eve Party at his flat. I knocked on his front door and seconds later, he opened. He was whistling but when he saw me, he ceased, running his eyes over my body. He finally set them on my face and flashed a charming grin. He was wearing a white shirt and a pair of black jeans. His big green eyes were shining bright.

‘Hello, love,’ he said, kissing my cheek. ‘You clean up quite well,’ he complemented and I smiled, looking at the ground. He was a little too intimate tonight because he must have already had a few drinks in him. Harry put his hand behind my waist, leading me inside, and closed the door behind us. His living room was dimly lit and a slow song was playing. He hadn’t invited a lot of people either. Some were sitting on the sofas, drinking and talking, and a few others were dancing.

I spotted Niall. He was sitting on one of the sofas and was eating nachos nonstop. He shamelessly licked his fingers each time he put a nacho in his mouth, too. Liam and Louis were with him. Liam was telling them something and Louis was laughing loudly with his head thrown at the back. I looked around but couldn’t see Zayn anywhere.

‘Where’s Zayn?’ I asked, turning to Harry, but he didn’t reply.

‘Hush,’ he told me.

‘Excuse me!?’ I asked, taken aback.

‘Hush, love,’ he repeated and his beer breath smacked me across the face. ‘And stand right here,’ he added, holding my arms and making me stand on a specific spot.

‘Harry, what are you doing?’ I demanded.

‘Stay there,’ he ordered, walking away.

‘Wh-what? Why?’ I asked, a little bit annoyed now.

Harry looked over his shoulder, put his forefinger over his mouth and shushed me, again! Then, he sat down next to Louis, grabbed a couple of nachos and stuffed them in his mouth. He listened to Liam’s story for a moment before he looked at me from across the room and winked at me. What a strange boy, I thought, tilting my head to the side.

I jolted when someone came up behind me, put his hands on my hips and pulled me up against him. I smiled because I knew it was Zayn. The familiar smell of his strong cologne pierced my nostrils, sending tiny waves of shivers through me. He put all my hair over one shoulder and kissed my neck. His lips lingered on my skin before he whispered into my ear, ‘I’m definitely the luckiest guy here, tonight. You’re beautiful.’

I had on a little black dress. It was velvet, turtleneck and long sleeved, but tight and rather short, too. I also had on a pair of black tights and a pair of black high heels. My deep pink lipstick was a contrast to my whole black outfit and I had worn my hair down.

I turned round, put my hands on his ribs and looked into his eyes. ‘So, you’re the reason behind Harry’s strange behavior,’ I said, smiling. Zayn shrugged, half smiling, and settled his hands on each side of my stomach. He was wearing a black shirt, black trousers and shiny black shoes. His jet black hair was gelled back. This boy was a life ruiner. Honestly. ‘Is there a reason why Harry made me stand here?’ I asked, touching his chest.

Zayn grinned. ‘Look up,’ he said, pointing at the ceiling. I frowned and lifted my head up to find a mistletoe hanging right over where we were standing.

‘You sneaky man,’ I told him, suddenly blushing. ‘You sneaky, sneaky man.’

Zayn chuckled. ‘It goes without saying that we’ll spend the whole night dancing right here.’

‘The whole night?’ I asked, blinking.

‘Yes, doll. The whole night,’ he murmured, leaning in. He gave me a few lingering pecks on the mouth before he went for a longer, deeper kiss. When he pulled away, I stared at him, chewing my lip. He had left me needing more. He took my hand and placed a small gift box in it.

‘What’s this?’ I asked, looking at the little white box with the orange ribbon in my hand.

‘Open it,’ Zayn said, being all impatient. I smiled at him before I took the box’s lid off. I gasped when I saw a necklace in it. A small butterfly, made entirely from amethyst stone, was attached to a long silver chain. My eyes watered a little because he had remembered that I had lost my favorite purple butterfly brooch in kindergarten. ‘Do you like it?’ he asked, caressing my hair.

‘Zayn, it’s perfect,’ I breathed, locking his eyes with mine. He put his hand over his stomach and let out a sigh of relief before he helped me put it on. ‘Thank you,’ I cried, throwing my arms around his neck, and he chuckled, touching the back of my head.

‘Does that mean that I’ll be massively rewarded?’ he asked and didn’t bother hiding the naughty grin that played on his lips.

‘God, Zayn, do you ever stop thinking about it?’ I asked.

‘I’m a 19 year old boy, doll. What do you think?’ he simply said. He had rest his case. Then, he asked, ‘So, will I get some tonight?’

I shook my head back and forth. ‘Not until you break up with Perrie,’ I told him.

He was quiet for a moment. ‘Fine,’ he finally said.

‘Promise me that you’ll break up with her and that you won’t hurt me again,’ I said.

‘I promise,’ he replied and jokingly crossed his heart.

‘Promise me,’ I insisted, grabbing his arms.

‘I promise,’ he repeated, adding, serious, ‘It’ll be my New Year’s Resolution.’

Suddenly, Harry turned off the music and turned on the lights. He stood on one of his armchairs, he had taken off his shoes and was wearing white socks, and announced loudly, ‘Ten seconds left until midnight!’

Zayn pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around me, and we all counted down aloud the last few seconds of the old year.

‘Happy New Year!’ everyone shouted and began hugging and kissing each other while fireworks were heard from outside.

‘Happy New Year, doll,’ Zayn told me with the sweetest smile.

‘Happy New Year,’ I replied and before I knew it, he was kissing me into oblivion.

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