Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and One Direction

This is for the crossover fan fiction contest. When five best friends get a letter to go to Hogwarts to teach, they gladly accept. All of them had been hiding their powers for a long time, and none of them accepted the invitation for the school at age 11. When Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry take the job, Liam meets one student in particular, they fall in forbidden love. The muggle-borns are all over them...in the muggle world, they are the most popular boy band on Earth, One Direction.


2. The Letter-Alexis

Alexis' P.O.V.

Today. Today was the day that my year 7 letter was to come. I don't go to a normal school. I go to Hogwarts. I was in year 5 when Harry Potter killed Voldemort, and I was one of the secret fighters. Yes, I did meet him, through Ginny Weasley. We became really good friends when I first started. I was in Gryffindor house, fortunately. She stuck up for me when some idiot Slytherin 3rd year named Draco came and called me a Mudblood. Since I'm muggle-born, I know all about muggle things like, celebrities, for instance. Particularly One Direction, the best boy band ever that I was completely in love with, particularly Liam Payne. I was listening to them when my mum called me.

"Alexis, sweetheart! your NEWT exam results and your year 7 letter just arrived!" my mum called. 

"Coming mum!" I called back. I raced downstairs. She handed me my letter, and I opened it impatiently. I pulled out my NEWT exam results. This was job of my dreams or no job of my dreams.

Defense Against The Dark Arts: Exceeds Expectations

Potions: Outstanding

Transfiguration: Exceeds Expectations

History of Magic: Outstanding

Deuteronomy: Outstanding

Magical Creatures: Outstanding

Ancient Ruins: Exceeds Expectations

"YES! YES! I DID IT!" I threw the paper in the air. I had taken as many NEWT exams as Hermione Granger did, way more than needed for a job as an Auror. My mum hugged me and handed me my year 7 list of supplies. 

*the next day*

I was going with my Ginny and her family to Diagon Alley to get our school supplies. She was going back because her year 7 education was not considered to be a real education, so this year we were going to have a year 8 class. We were also getting yet another Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher. My favorite one was Professor Lupin, but he died fighting against Voldemort. No one was scared to say his name anymore, it didn't mean anything. Sure, we had other dark wizards around, but we had Aurors to take care of them.

"Bye mum, I'm going to miss you! I'm coming back for the holidays, remember. I'll see you then! I love you!" I hugged my mum, and she started crying. "I'll miss you too, goodbye Alexis," my mum said in her American accent. I was born in Wolverhampton, but my parents are American. That's the explanation of my name, it isn't native to England. I knocked on Ginny's door as my mum drove away. She was pure-blood, in other words she comes from a long line of wizards and witches. In Voldemort's days her family was considered blood traitors.

"Lexi! How are you? Come inside!" Mrs. Weasley gave me a hug and welcomed me in.

"Mum, is that Lexi?" Ginny asked from upstairs.

"Yes, Ginny, now come down," Mrs. Weasley called back. 

"Oh, don't be shy dear, Harry is here, as well as Ron and Hermione. George and Percy are coming soon," she said, chaperoning me to the living room. 

"Would you like something to drink?" she asked.

"Oh, no thank you Mrs. Weasley," I responded.

"You can call me Molly dear," she said.

"Lexi! Oh my goodness! You look fantastic!" Ginny squealed and ran to gave me a hug.

"Hey, Ginny! You too!" I said, hugging her back. 

"Hey Lexi! Nice to see you!" Ron said, entering the room with Harry and Hermione.

"Hey Ron! Harry, Hermione," I said. Hermione came over to give me a hug, and Harry waved cheerfully. 

"We're taking you to Diagon Alley, you ready?" she said, pulling out of the hug. Ginny and I looked at each other.

"Of course!" we shouted. We went and got the Flew Powder. I went first. 

"Diagon Alley!" I said clearly. In a few seconds I was heading down a chimney. As I fell out I knocked someone down. I was shocked at who it was.

"Oh my God."

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