For Real?

The story is about a girl (Baileigh).


2. The Break Up And Get Together.

   He walked back to his locker and didn’t look at me until I called his name. “When you bumped into me and we dropped papers  I think I got one of yours”. “oh what one?” “This one.”  I handed him the paper. “I wasn’t going to read it but I was looking for a name and couldn’t find one then I saw my name. I’m sorry I know..” “Its fine.” He took the paper out of my hands gently, got his books, closed his locker and was about to leave when I asked him where French 1 was. “Ill walk with you. I’m going there right now.” I grabbed my stuff and we walked together.

   We talked a little bit about me, and were I was from. When we got to the room the French teacher greeted me. I greeted him back and we had a conversation. All of the students, including Austin looked at me like 'what is she saying?' He said Merci and i sat down in front of Austin. it was the only seat open.

  How do you know so much french? Austin whispered into my ear. i got out a piece of paper and wrote:         My grandpa was part french, he tough my mom and she tough me. 

: I folded the paper in half and gently tossed it over my shoulder. i heard i crinkle a little bit and knew he was reading it. He passed it back and i opened it:

     Oh that's cool. Do you think you could help me with my french?   

:Yeah but you would have to come to my house, because you are a guy and my parents don't know you. He tried to keep a laugh back but you could hear him. Austin leaned forward and whispered: "Okay, as long as you promise not to bite me." I turned around with a smile. "Only if you don't give me a reason to bite." I turned around smiling.

    We didn't talk for the rest of the hour because Austin was already behind. When class was over Austin asked me what my next hour was. I told him it was gym. He just laughed. I asked him why he was laughing and he told me that that's the next class he has. Then i just told him all my classes in order. "Algebra, French, Gym, Science, History, L.a, Band." "We have all of the same hours except for first. "well i guess you can show me where all of my classes are, if you don't mind." "I don't." 

    Austin showed me to all of my classes and we sat by each-other in all of them. The day went by fast after lunch got over. Austin called his mom to see if he could go to my house for French help. Wile he was talking to his mom i called mine and she said it was fine. 


Authors Note: I have more written I just need to type it. I will do that soon. <3~Love All~<3

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