For Real?

The story is about a girl (Baileigh).


4. My School Horror!

     When i got to the school i went to my locker. A few seconds after I got to my locker and opened it, Erica and her 'friend's' showed up. They weren't being nice, like always. Erica looked rely pissed off at something, or someone. I think that someone was me. "Look I'm not dating Austin, so i don't know why you hate me." I said trying to start a conversation. They didn't say anything. The next thing i know my shirt is ripped, I'm on my knees and I can taste blood in my mouth. I just closed my eyes. The beating stopped, and i felt a hand on my back and heard Austins voice. I opened my eyes and Austin was there, and so was some other guy I didn't know. I looked around and there was a bunch of people standing there looking at me. Erica and her friends were gone, nowhere in sight. My lip rely hurt so I touched it. It was split from one side to the other. "She has a nice punch." I said with a quite laugh. I went to stand up and had a shocking pain in my left side, by my rib. I put my hand there and felt blood. I looked on the floor and there was a shinny blade, with a handle, on the ground. "She stabbed me" I shouted in main. "Baileigh I'm David and I'm training to be a doctor, so can i check out your wound?" I nodded. David ripped my shirt off the rest of the way, and pulled my tank-top up just enough to see the wound. "She didn't hit anything important, but it will hurt for a wile and we need to get you to a hospital soon." The last thing i remembered was Austin's face. He looked sad, and horrified. 


Author's Note: Did you like the twist in the story? Let me know what you thought. <3~Love All~<3

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