For Real?

The story is about a girl (Baileigh).


3. Lets "Study" For French.

We walked to my house. It took about ten minutes to get there. We talked the whole time we walked. I got to know more about Austin. When we walked through the front door Lila was there. "Is that your boyfriend?" We both laughed. "No he is just a... friend." He looked at me, then my mom walked over, from the kitchen, to us. "Hi, I'm Brenda, Baileigh's mom." "Hi, I'm Austin." Brandon is Baileigh's dad but he isn't home right now.

    After Austin met some of my family we went upstairs to my bedroom. It was rely dark until Austin turned the light on after he walked in the door and closed it. I sat down at my desk, opened my laptop, and turned it on. Austin sat down on my bed and sank down. I laughed with him.    

     He put his bag down and got his phone out. I got up and took it away form him. He stood up fast and was was not more then an inch away from me. He went to grab his phone from behind me but grabbed my butt on accident. We both started to blush. I told him why i took his phone away and he was okay with it. By the time he left it was 10:00 P.M, and Austin knew what I said more then half of the time. He could pronounce the words in complete sentences, almost perfectly.


Austin's P.O.V. 

I had the best night ever. I thought to my self. When i got home i got my journal out and started writing. I passed out around midnight. When i woke up my journal was gone. I got up to look for it then Drake walked by my room reading it out loud. "Her hair falls past her shoulders and falls beautifully on her chest." "The darkness of heir hair almost looks like a dark blue." I ran out the door and punched him in the shoulder and took my journal back. I went into my room and locked my door. "So is that about the new girl Baileigh?" "Shut up Drake!" I shouted as i changed for school. He snickered and walked away. 


Authors Note: I hope you liked it. please comment what you think. Any ideas? <3~Love All~<3

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