For Real?

The story is about a girl (Baileigh).


1. Hot Drinks

     Jake give it back! She giggled. It was Ava and her boyfriend Jake. She turned and looked at me and gave me a dirty vicious, dirty look. Melanie was trying to get my attention when a guy ran into me dumping his hot chocolate all over my chest, knocking all my papers and his on the floor. “I’m sorry, Ayden shoved me and I tripped into you.”  “its fine I guess.” “I’m Austin by the way. “I’m Baileigh.” “this is your paper right?” he asked holding a test up that I had failed on. “yeah it is.” I grabbed it quickly, knowing my cheeks were getting red. He smiled at me and we both stood up and went our own ways.    

    Melanie had a confused look on her face. “Umm what just happened?” she asked. She didn’t let me answer. “Austin Grey just ran into you, spilled his drink on you, he smiled at you, and you are blushing. You guys are so into each-other.” “No I’m not into him” I said rushing to my locker so I could get a new shirt. When I got to my locker Austin was there. “So are you stalking me now?” He asked with a smirk on his face. “I see the new girl has a crush on my bro.” Ayden said in-between laughs. “No I’m not stalking you this is my locker, and I don’t have a crush on Austin.” “that’s a good thing because he is my boyfriend.” A girl said walking around me to get to Austin. “and you are?” “I’m Erica, Austin’s Girl-Friend! So back off!” “I don’t even like him. I came to my locker to get a different shirt because he dumped his drink on me.” “Well now its my turn.” She dumped her very hot coffee on my chest and walked away laughing. “Not to be mean or anything but your girlfriend is a bitch.” I said as I got a different shirt out of my locker, shut it and walked away. “I know” He whispered to himself. “lets go, the others are waiting.”    The bell rang, and I went to my first hour. I walked into my Algebra 1 class and all of the students in there turned and looked at me. On my way to my seat the teacher started to walk towards me to greet me, but when we both got to close I tripped over her foot and all my papers and my book flew up and back down. All my papers were scattered in the front of the classroom. When I went to pick up my papers I saw that one did not look like my handwriting. I figured it was Austin’s, so I wasn’t going to read it.  

    When I got back to my seat I searched for a name on the paper. The only name I saw was in the reading. It was my name. I didn’t want to read it but it looks like it was about me. I started to read it:                                                   

                                                                                    11-10-17 There is this new girl. I don’t’ know her name, but I hope to get to know it.                                          

                                                                                             11-11-17 I saw her again yesterday, Ayden told me to talk to her. I told him I didn’t know her name and her told me it was Baileigh. I didn’t know if he was lying.                                                                      11-12-17        

:he doesn’t have anything written for today. It was the end of first hour, so  I got up and left the room. I made sure I was the last student out of the classroom. I got to my locker just as Austin walked away and, went to Erica’s locker. He left his locker open. There was a something different about his locker, something was missing. I turned around when I hear someone screaming. “let me guess you have a “thing” for the new girl?” Erica was shouting at Austin. “And what if I do? that’s not why I’m breaking up with you.” “then why?” A high pitched squeal came out of her mouth. “Well because you have been a bitch to her since you saw her, And you don’t even know her. And well your not that good at being a good girlfriend. I know what you did with Ayden. It wasn’t what a brother should do but at least he told me, like a real brother would. But it shouldn’t have happened. So there is no more you and me.  

Authors Note: I hope you liked it comment what you think.   <3~Love All~<3


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