The Truth About Love

Everything about Pheonix entices Savannah, but when they fall in love, will it go down hill from there? Is love really how it seems? This is the story of two people who go through everything together - This is the truth about love.


3. Prologue 2

Phoebe looked at me, her eyes welling with tears.

"So you and dad couldn't be seen together? You kept everything a secret? Woah. So romantic." she smiled at me, urging me to carry on. I shook my head and told her it was time to go to bed. She pouted like a five year old.

"But Anna! Please! I love it when you tell these type of stories. You used to make them up all the time!" I laughed, ruffling her mop of black hair. She had my eyes and her dad's hair but her skin was tanned and clear because my ancestors had been indian and so she'd inherited beautiful skin. Lucky sod. She fell onto my lap dramtically and sighed. "If I don't hear more of this story, then I'll just keep on pestering you. Tomorrow, okay?" she asked, kissing me on my cheek. Pheobe always thought of me as her big sister, not her mum. It was easier for both of us that way. I called her 'Bee', just because she called me 'Anna'. We were both too lazy to say the entire name. She got that from me, unfortunately. I chased her off the couch and up the stairs, both of us giggling happily. When she got into bed I looked around, smiling. It was the room I used to sleep in. Now me and Pheobe's dad slept in the bedroom that my parents slept in once. "Night, chickie." I kissed her forehead and she smiled before turning on her ipod. It was the only way she could fall asleep - another one of my traits.

When I walked into our bedroom I collapsed onto the bed and minutes later, the door creaked open, someone took their shoes off at the foot of the bed and an arm wrapped round my waist. I smiled and snuggled up to my husband, staring into his sparkling green eyes. Kissing his soft lips, my mind floated back to the memories I had shared tonight, making me kiss him harder. His tongue slipped into my mouth and his hand slid up my back, unfastening my bra.

"I love you." he whispered, breaking off from our kiss.

"I love you too, Pheonix."

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