The Truth About Love

Everything about Pheonix entices Savannah, but when they fall in love, will it go down hill from there? Is love really how it seems? This is the story of two people who go through everything together - This is the truth about love.


2. Keeping It a Secret


I looked over at the group of girls popping bright pink bubblegum between their glossy red lips. I made me sick to think about being one of those steriotypical bitches. I watched their makeup-clad eyes widen as a boy walked quickly past their group. His name was Pheonix, a boy from my chemistry class. Yeah, he was good-looking, scratch that - he was TOO good-looking. Jet black hair, sparkling green eyes, porcelain white skin, athletic build. B.E.A.Utiful! Me on the other hand ... Well, I was pretty, but plain. Dark glossy hair, large dark eyes, long lashes and curves. Nothing so 'wow' about me, eh? Well, he seemed to think so. Y'know why? Because we was walking straight towards me, which was why all those barbies had their mouths hanging open like petrified goldfish. I looked down at my hands, nervous already. I payed close attention to my yin-yang tattoo on the inside of my wrist. I liked that tattoo, but my favourite was the one on the lower part of my back - it said Love in elegant black script. My head snapped up at the husky, yet incredibly sexy voice infront of me.

"Hey." the smile he flashed me was breathtaking. I almost forgot how to blink or breath.

"Hi, Pheonix, right?"

He nodded and held out his hand to shake mine, leaning in a little. It was all part of our little game. We had kept our relationship a secret for about two weeks now, but he figured he may as well pretend to meet me for the first time. Which would explain why we were hanging out so much. When his breath tickled my ear, my heart contstricted.

"Tonight, my place, seven?" Y'see, Pheonix was way too . . . perfect, to be around me, and even though he persisted on bringing out our relationship, I didn't really want to ruin that for him. Or me. We had reputations to keep. He was the schools 'I'm so sexy' boy, who hung out with his friends and cared about everything (which was true, but he still couldn't be seen with me - I'll explain why), but I was the schools 'bad bitch'. I wore black jeans, black boots, black leather jackets, sexy vest tops and rode a black shiny Harley motorbike to school. He helped a girl out with her homework while I smoked ciggarettes behind the bikesheds with my gang. That's why we can't be seen together. We met 4 weeks ago, in the supermarket when I dropped all the fruit I was supposed to get for my mum. I wasn't wearning my black eyeliner and mascara or my black clothes, I was just wearing faded blue jeans and a white t-shirt. And yet he still fell for me. "I'm so unbelievably clumsy!" I muttered, scooping up all the oranges that'd spilled from the red netting. He chuckled and picked them up too, his head tilted to look at me. "You look familiar." At that point, I thought he would frown and walk away when he realised who I was, but he kept on picking up the oranges. "You're Savannah, right? Everyone's shit-scared of you." he smiled and I had the impulse to laugh, because right at that moment, I didn't seem scary. I seemed like a girl who runs around fields picking up roses and singing with a voice like an angel. Instead, I'm the girl who- at school- looks like she sits at home on her filthy matress and enjoys throwing darts at a poster of Justin Bieber while heavy metal music's playing. The truth is, I'm neither of those girls when I'm at home. I can be myself, the girl who sits in her perfectly normal, if not slightly cluttered, bedroom and writes stories about fantasy-romances while eating fruit and listening to Ed Sheeran. That's why Pheonix never came back to my house - I didn't want him to see that side of me yet. "I know." I grinned, exposing my perfectly straight white teeth. "Dimples." He murmered, stroking my cheek. That's how our relationship began, and it was nice for the few weeks. We hung out at his place and played snooker (his parents were too rich) and ordered pizza. Yeah, we snogged- quite alot now that I think about it- and kissed and all that, but he never pushed me too far. He was every girl's dream boy but picked me out of the flock of barbies.


When he stopped whispering in my ear he pulled away and I pulled up the collar of my leather jacket. "Right, I'm going. Got classes I need to skip." I winked at him and he patted my butt before walking off. I hoped, for his and my sake, no one saw that.











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