The Truth About Love

Everything about Pheonix entices Savannah, but when they fall in love, will it go down hill from there? Is love really how it seems? This is the story of two people who go through everything together - This is the truth about love.


1. Prologue

Life can be such a bitch. I learnt that the hard way. There are so many bumps in the road, which we can't smoothen out unless we ask for help. And help is exactly what came my way . . .


"Where's Dad?"

I looked at my thirteen-year old daughter with envy, hoping she'd be able to stop growing sooner or later otherwise I'd have a full head of grey hairs by the time I hit 32.

"At work. You know that." I didn't mean for my voice to be so angry or frustrated, but I'd had a bad day at work and I missed out on a cup of tea because the house needed a good scrub.

"How did you and Dad meet?", she said after a while, examining her nails carefully. I looked at her in shock; she'd never asked about it before.

"You honestly want to know?" I laughed a little, shaking my head at the memories that flooded into my mind.

"Yeah. It'd be nice to hear the background story on how I was made." she rolled her dark brown eyes and smiled at me before sitting down on the couch. I joined her and it felt like I was fifteen again. Her eyes widened excitedly and I flashed a grin at her. I always felt young, even though I was 31. Pheobe had always said I looked young, too. I did, kind of. Maybe with slightly darker shadows beneath my eyes and longer hair, but I still looked more or less the same as when I was fifteen. Scary, right? Well, time flies (supposedly) when your having fun!

"Okay. . ." and I flew into the story like a bird during hunting season.







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