Brian's Story

This is a short story I wrote a couple years ago bored in study hall about this kid. It's me and Namine's favorite xD


1. Brian's Story

I awoke screaming. Another scary dream about Elmo taking over the world. My mom ran in.

"Bribear are you okay?!" My mom wondered.

"Mom! Stop calling me Bribear!" I yelled.

"Fine, fine! It's because you're a big girl."

"You mean boy!" I answered.

She didn't listen. Instead, she started looking through my closet. She pulled out a pink short sleeve shirt and pink shaded jeans. My mom wanted her second child to be a girl and then I came out. I put on the outfit, looked at myself in the mirror and started crying. My mother rushed me into my bathroom and grabbed some pink tissues for me. I wiped my eyes with my sleeves and my mom exploded.

"I raised you like a fine young lady. DO NOT wipe anything on your sleeve!" She yelled. I was tired of her calling me a girl all the time.

"I'm a dude, Mom!" I yelled back, dropping my pants. My mom stared.

"Honey, I know you're of the male gender. You don't have to show me to prove it. We knew when you came out." She said quietly.

I got to school and I went to see my girlfriend. "Hey Erika!"

"Listen Brian, I think we need to break up." She told me.

"What?! W-Why?!" I stuttered confused.

"Because, well, I think you're gay." She responded.

"I am NOT gay! My mom made me out to be because she wanted a girl, but then I came out and she doesn't understand and I even had to drop my pants in front of her this morning and then she ended up already knowing I was really a dude!" People started coming closer to listen. "So I guess my point is I'm not gay, but my mom wants me to be!" I finished.

"Blaming your mom for your choice in sexuality?! If you thought you had a second chance, think again!" She said harshly and pushed her way through the crowd. A bunch of ooo's rang out. I wanted to cry, but I knew I shouldn't right now. Instead, I ran to the bathroom which I later found out wasn't any better.

I ran into the bathroom and Seth and Blake, the most popular boys in school and my enemies, were already there. Let the torture begin, I thought to myself.

"Lookie here." Said Seth with an evil smirk on his face.

"We got ourselves the number one wimp of the school." Said Blake.

"I'm not a wimp!" I snarled back.

"Listen, can up all of you gayness and run home like a little scared school girl like your mom wants you to be." Scowled Seth.

"And get out of our lives forever or you'll regret it!" Continued Jeff.

They started coming closer and I tried to leave, but they attacked me until I couldn't get up. They laughed and walked away with the prettiest girls, Topaz and Sapphire, also the most popular girls in school. Sapphire laughed in an evil fashion looking at me and then clinging to Blake's side as he wrapped his arm around her waist. Topaz turned to me once everyone had left.

"Are you okay?" She asked me, her brown eyes glittering in the light.

"Uh yeah, thanks." I said stunned.

Then, out of random, she kissed me! Who knew I would have my first kiss on the floor of the boy's bathroom. She bit her lip and pushed a lock of her beautiful, long, blonde hair behind her ear.

"Topaz!" Seth barked.

"Coming!" Her beautiful voice sang. Topaz got up, winked at me and scurried off to Seth.

Did Topaz have a crush on me?! Or did she feel bad for me?! I decided that she had a crush on me to make myself feel better. I got up and washed my hands because the bathroom's floor was disgusting!

"Hey Bribear!" Tom said mocking me as he walked in. He grabbed the belt loops on my pink shaded jeans and tugged down so that he had pantsed me! Another guy walked in.

"There's a girl in the bathroom!" He screamed. I then decided to show the girl so I just kept my pants off and held my head high. I was proud. They knew what I was doing and started laughing.

"The girl is you, gay boy!" They said laughing. I pulled my pants up embarrassed as ever because I knew it would spread throughout the school like a wild fire.

When I got home I stayed in my bedroom crying my eyes out when I heard a hard knock on my door. It was my brother.

"What do you want?!" I screamed between tears.

"Some girl named Topaz is here to see you! She's HOT! Why does she like you?!"

I opened the door fast and ran out, running straight into Topaz, not realizing she was right there. We both fell to the floor. I felt like crying but, I tried to hold it back. My eyes did become watery, though. My brother, Kevin, helped Topaz up, but not me.

"Hi, Brian." She said with a sweet smile.

"I'll give you two lovebirds some space." Kevin said and left shutting the door behind him. Topaz walked over to my bed and sat down gracefully.

"" She said noticing the pink walls, carpet, and pretty much everything else.

All of a sudden my mom burst through my door and ran into my room with an axe. " Get away from my daughter or I'll chop off each of your ligaments and then hack your body to pieces!" She screamed at Topaz.

"MOM GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" I screamed and shoved her out the door.

Topaz's head popped out from under the bed. She ran over and gave me a giant hug and huge kiss. "You're my hero." She batted her long eyelashes flirtatiously.

"My mom should try to chop you up into pieces more often." I said. She giggled a little. It was the most joyful noise ever. She leaned in to kiss me again. I smiled like an idiot afterwards. She held my hands and looked down.

"I think it's best if I go. I'll talk to you later, though. Okay?" She smiled, her dazzling white teeth showing and her eyes gleaming.

"Yeah, I'll talk to you later." She started to open my door, when she ran back over and gave me another quick kiss, then left.

I lingered over to my bed and laid down smiling like crazy, and not able to wipe it off. I then heard my mother in the background.

"GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE YOU ARE A HORRIBLE B*TCH!" My mom screamed. I heard a slam, then put my ear buds in pretending I never heard anything at all. My mother ran into my room angry. She smiled at me. I took out an ear bud.

"Hi, pumpkin. Did you hear anything that just happened?" She questioned nicely.

I pretended to act clueless. "Hear what?"

"Oh nothing. Keep listening to Taylor Swift." She came over and kissed my forehead and then left.

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