Good girl, bad boy.

17 year old Anastasia is mesmerized when she hears One Direction. Anastasia is rich, and gets everything she wants. So, she asks for One Direction concert tickets and gets vip passes, and meets them backstage.. But what happens when a certain curly- haired guy in One Direction wants a little too much from her?


2. Xoxo

Emily and i walk into the huge arena an hour early for the meet and greet. "Come on, lets go find the meet and greet room," i say, and we head off down the hall. We find ourselves at a door blocked by bodyguards, saying "Meet and Greet" with the 1D logo on it. I show the scary looking bodyguard our passes, and he lets us in. We seem to be the first ones here. We look around, and sure enough, Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall were sitting at a long table with sharpies in their hands. We smile and walk up to them.
"Hi, love!" Harry says enthusiastically. I catch him eyeing my chest, and blush. "Hi, Harry," i say back. "And who should i make the signature out to? Sexy fan?" he says, winking. My face reddens. "Well, you could, or you could make it out to Anastasia," i say laughing. "Anastasia? Isn't that the girl in 50 Shades of Gray?" he says, and i laugh even more. He seems to be taking a long time signing my cd, and it looks like he's writing a whole fucking paragraph. "Well, Anastasia from 50 shades of gray, See you after the concert." I smile and am so confused, until i read what he wrote. "Hey, Anastasia! Meet me backstage after the concert. I wanna see you more. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Harry- 9147728472."
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