Good girl, bad boy.

17 year old Anastasia is mesmerized when she hears One Direction. Anastasia is rich, and gets everything she wants. So, she asks for One Direction concert tickets and gets vip passes, and meets them backstage.. But what happens when a certain curly- haired guy in One Direction wants a little too much from her?


5. Not

Harry meets me at the hospital, looking worried, Emily trailing behind me. He stands up and takes my hand, leading me to the receptionist. Emily tells the nurse everything. I also add: "And i didn't get my period this morning," with that, Harry turns pale. The nurse just nods worriedly, walking me to a little room. The doctor examines me, and Emily and Harry sit there, worried. Ten awkward minutes later, the doctor walks in, a gravely expression on his face. "Hi, Ms. Braxton," he says. I dont answer, i'm so worried. "So, i have some big news. It seems you are... er,um... Pregnant."

"Shes WHAT?" Harry screams, and i shrink down at his sudden anger. He sits back down, whips his phone out, and starts texting. "Oh, holy fuck, fuck, shit, Pauls not gonna like this. Ana, think about my future!" Harry yells. I start crying. "YOUR future? What about MINE?" He laughs. "I dont see you having albums and performing in sold out stadiums." He says, and i cry even harder. We go on like this for 10 minutes, both of us yelling, when Paul, Harrys bodyguard, shows up. "What the fuck, Harry?" Harry just shrugs. "Harry, we need to leave before the paps find out," Paul says, yanking Harry out of his chair. Emily starts crying, too, she must feel bad for me. So do i. Harry puts his head in his hands. He follows Paul, but i yell something out when he is halfway out the doorway. "Harry!! Wait. I need to know. Do you... do you.... still love me or not?" He takes his head out of his hands, but dosent even turn around. "Not," he says, and follows Paul out the door.
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