Good girl, bad boy.

17 year old Anastasia is mesmerized when she hears One Direction. Anastasia is rich, and gets everything she wants. So, she asks for One Direction concert tickets and gets vip passes, and meets them backstage.. But what happens when a certain curly- haired guy in One Direction wants a little too much from her?


4. Here in my arms

I wake up, checking my phone. 22 new texts from Emily. Before reading them i stumble out of bed, throw on some clothes, and then i scroll through them. "Where r u?" "Ana, text me!" Laughing, i text back "Hey, I'll be over later. I slept over at harrys! ;)" Less than a minute later, she texts back. "HOLY SHIT, WHAT? DID YOU..." I blush. "Emily, ill tell you later. What room are we in at the hotel? be there at 2 xx" After she tells me we are in room 309, i decide to make breakfast for Harry and I.
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