Good girl, bad boy.

17 year old Anastasia is mesmerized when she hears One Direction. Anastasia is rich, and gets everything she wants. So, she asks for One Direction concert tickets and gets vip passes, and meets them backstage.. But what happens when a certain curly- haired guy in One Direction wants a little too much from her?


3. Backstage

Emily and i squealed in the bathroom after the concert for what seemed like forever. Turns out, Niall gave her his number, too! "Oh my god, Anastasia, text him!!" Emily says, her striking green eyes glowing. I bat my eyelashes, and she laughs. I take out my phone and make a new text to Harry. The concert was great- everything we expected. I write to Harry: "Hey, Harry! So, when should we come backstage? Xo, Anastasia from 50 shades of gray" i giggle as i finish the text. He answers right away. 'Ana! Hey. Come backstage now, the guards know ur comin. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, Harry.' i show Emily the text, and she squeals. "We are the luckiest fucking fans ever!" I agree, and we head out of the bathroom, and try to figure out how to get backstage.
when we finally find out how, we see Harry and Niall waiting for us. "Hey, love!" Harry says. "Hey!" i say. "So, i say we go out to dinner. What about you guys?" Harry asks Emily and Niall. "Oh, we'll just stay here. Meet you at the hotel in a couple hours, ok Ana? text me!" I laugh and say "Okay, mom!" jokingly and jump into Harrys cool Jaguar. "So, i know this really cool strip club downtown-" i cut Harry off, laughing. "Umm, Harry, how about Chinese food?" he nods sheepishly. "Yeah, sounds good," he says. He turns down a dark street, and we pull into a chinese restaurant called Buddha. We walk in, and find a table. Harry pulls out the chair for me, and i blush. "Thank you very much, Harold," i say, and he chuckled. "Your totally welx, Ana!" he says in a gay american voice, and i burst out laughing.
Harry and i basically just talked the whole time. Where we're from, family, etc. It is so nice- HE is so nice. I glance out the window, noticing its getting late. I'm not sure either of us should drive though- we both drank a lot, and I'm feeling really tipsy. "Hey, Harry, we should go now," i say, ignoring my instinct. He nods. "Yeah, Ana. You are so sleeping over in my apartment tonight. I wanna-" i cut him off there, knowing he's super drunk. "Maybe i should drive," i say, laughing. He laughs, pays the bill, and then we set out for his Jaguar. "My aunt has an apartment here in Boston that she never uses. I know where the key is! Please, Ana, spend the night with me! Please?" He asks, with puppy dog eyes. I think about mom and dad, my strict family. If they only knew what was going on right now! But i need a little freedom right now. So screw them. "Sure, Harry," i say, and he screeches with happiness as he directs me to his aunts apartment.
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