Good girl, bad boy.

17 year old Anastasia is mesmerized when she hears One Direction. Anastasia is rich, and gets everything she wants. So, she asks for One Direction concert tickets and gets vip passes, and meets them backstage.. But what happens when a certain curly- haired guy in One Direction wants a little too much from her?


1. VIP

"That's what makes you beautiful!" I listen to Harry's solo in WMYB, and smiles. One direction is so awesome! They are a hot new band from the UK. Harry is my favorite, because he seems likr a bad-boy, and i feel like i need a bad boy in my life. I've lived here under my parents strict rules in Massachussets, no late parties. But not to brag, we are rich. I get whatever I want here. And tickets to one direction? definitely. i run downstairs to my parents sitting in the kitchen. "hey, mom and dad?" i ask, suddenly nervous. "yes, hun?" my dad answers, not even taking his eyes off the paper. "well, there is a band i really like called one direction. do you think i could get me and Emily some tickets to go to the concert?" i ask, my hands shaking. "yeah, sure, whatever you want, sweetie," my dad says. "yay! thank you so much, dad!" i say, running out of the room and turning on my computer to the saved page: one direction boston concert, 2 VIP passes for sale.
i show Emily the concert tickets, good for the concert AND a meet and greet before. "oh muh gawd!" she squeals. "i love you sooo much, Ana!" i smile. "you too, ems!"
day of concert:
i drive down to Emily's house in my new porsche, checking my makeup in the mirror. my eyeliner is smudges to perfection, and my mascara makes my eyelashes look incredibly long. i decided to wear a short, bodycon skirt to show off my long legs, and a tube top. i threw on some ugly maxi skirt and blouse over before i left so my parents wouldnt see my slutty outfit. i also decided to wear 4 inch platform heels. my parents booked a reservation and the Connely hotel right next to the concert, where we were to "go there immediately after the concert!" and my parents said we could spend a few nights alone to have fun, but had to check up on them. Boston's only 10 minutes away from where i live- not far enough. I finally pull up to Emily's house, and she jumps in the passenger seat, wearing similiar heels as my, a strapless, tight dress (wonder how she got THAT past her parents) and cute eyeliner with blush. i smile at her. "damn, girl, you look hot!" i say, whistling. she nods in appreciation." you too, girl!" we laugh, and set off for the concert.
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