Scarlet Letter

We have always seen Niall Horan as the carefree mofo we love, but one day, when it's too late, we will learn not to judge a book by its cover.


3. Suicide

Nialls P.O.V
I knew something was up, she never acts like this! I know it was wrong but I searched her laptop, what I saw will never be forgotten! People can be so cruel, my fans, why they would do this I just couldn't contemplate! They said things like "You kiss Niall again and I'll bomb you and your family!", "Niall, kill that bitch and go out with me" and "if you and Niall don't break up soon, I'll find where you live and it won't end well for you!" I just couldn't take it so I tweeted that it had to stop and I would call the cops, but it didn't work! But just as i closed the laptop my girlfriend, Ashely walked in, I knew for the sake of the woman I loved I would have to break her heart......

Two months after the break up......
Ashely's P.O.V
Why did he do this to me?!? Without an explanation too! The media won't leave me alone and now people know where I live, girls asking why I broke Nialls heart and wouldn't believe he broke up with me!

Nialls P.O.V
I have tried so hard to get people to understand this, but they won't listen! The paparazzi won't stop until I'm completely out of Ashely's life.....forever! I have self-harmed to try and relieve myself but the scars from watching the love of my life suffer will never fade! I am writing an apology note to Ashely and my mum Maura. To Ashely because I left without an explanation and to my mum....because I won't be seeing her for a long time...
"Dear Ashely, I want you to know I left because I saw everything, the hate, the attention! You were dragged into this but you are free now! I love you more than words can explain, but goodbye!
Dear mum, I'm so sorry, all those times I misbehaved, was ungrateful or gave you a hard time! And I don't want you to feel like it all went to waste, I had a great life and I'm so sorry to leave you! I love you and the rest of family forever, but now Is my time! Goodbye, I love you!
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