Scarlet Letter

We have always seen Niall Horan as the carefree mofo we love, but one day, when it's too late, we will learn not to judge a book by its cover.


2. Lies

The next day as you woke you found Niall downstairs an he had made breakfast, and a lot of it! There were pancakes with toppings and toast with expensive jams (Niall loved to spoil you) you ran into his arms and started cryIng because you remembered last night, he asked you what was up but you lied and said you were just really happy and grateful to have him! (you were obviously but that's not why you were crying) he could see you weren't telling the truth but decided to let it go so you could have space. You ate until you were so full that it hurt to get up and you told Niall you were going out with a friend.

"so, how are you and Niall going?" your friend Krissy said. "what do you mean? We're going just fine!" you shot back at her. "No I mean, he's famous and fans get a little.....nasty!" she said with raising one side of her face and screwing up her nose. But you lied and told her you hadn't got any hate so far and that you were fine.

When you returned home you found something very unexpected........
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