Scarlet Letter

We have always seen Niall Horan as the carefree mofo we love, but one day, when it's too late, we will learn not to judge a book by its cover.


1. Carefree

You and Niall have been together for 1 year today and Niall surprised you with lots of anniversary gifts and kisses, but one stood out the most, probably the least expensive gift he bought you, you were drawn to, a laptop with a One Direction case. You chuckled to yourself rolling your eyes.

Later you both went to Nandos and ordered some peri-peri chicken, you took your order and headed straight home to watch movies and cuddle together, Niall suggested that because it was your anniversary you should try a new....position....but you were on your period so you ended up going to bed early and logging onto twitter on the new laptop Niall bought you, when you opened your mentions tons of death threats and hate were blasted at your eyes. You closed the laptop without logging out, you soon cried yourself to sleep whithout Niall as he fell asleep watching movies.
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