What Give's? {Niall Horan}

This story is about a girl, name Marceline who finds true love, at her school. This boy isn't any regular boy, this boy has a special talent. Who is this mysterious boy? What will happen along the journey? Is he the right lad? Follow Marceline in this roller coaster ride she calls life, and see what happens. ;)


1. Prolouge.

So, I have decided to make a story, on my second day on this site. Soo, I hope you all like it! (;


"Marceline, are you awake?" My mum asked, knocking on my door.    "Yes mum. I was awake before you said anything. Come in." I stated to her, chuckling a bit. She walked in my room with my medicine. Yes, I have to take medicine because my colon is clogged. Weird, right? I didn't know what the colon is until I started having these really bad abdominal cramps. I really sucks.   "How is your stomach, Marcy?" She questioned rubbing my stomach softly.   "The usual. No pain, but it hurts to move." I replied taking the pill and liquid in my hands and taking it. You know when you take these pill's, they burst open in your mouth. Not the best thing you could feel..    "Alrighty! Get dressed, come down stairs and eat so I can take you to school." And with that, she left the room. It was like this every day. Pill, get dressed, and eat, school.    I got dressed in a white, flowy dress and some brown flats. I did my make up lightly and straightened my hair. After that, I went down stairs.   I grabbed a chewy granola bar and a banana because I have to eat much so I have food and my stomach. Me and my mum went out to the car and she started driving me to the campus.    "Be good, even though I shouldn't worry. Bye sweetie." My mum said giving me a side hug and kissing me on the cheek. I returned it and got out of the car and made my way up the steps of the school and to the front door.   I saw my friend, Jamie standing by our lockers with a.. Blond? She doesn't really like them so, I went over to investigate.   "JENNA!! I'm hereeeeeeeee!" I yelled running up to her and hugging her, tighter than usual. No that I get a closer look at the boy, he has Blond hair with Brown ends and some really deep, Blue eyes. He was wearing a shirt that had a hat, mustache and a bow tie on it, with beige chino's and some black supra's. He looked mighty fit, if I do say so myself.   "Hey, Marcyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" She looked at me like she was a stalker and trailed her finger down my arm. Jenna has long brown, curly hair and a slender body, as of me, I have hair that goes to the bottom of my shoulder blades that's mad curly! I have to straighten it every day and it gets annoying!   "Who's he?" I motioned to the blond with an eyebrow raised.   "Ermm, Marcy, meet Niall. I was actually going to set you two up before you came." She replied looking at the ground.   "You were?" Niall asked with the most adorab- WHAT?! I don't even know him and I'm starting to call him adorable.   "Yeah. Only if you both want to." I didn't know that sentence would change my life.
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