Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


23. Chapter 23

Kaci POV
Who ? Who got shot ! Someone HAD to have gotten shot, because I heard it! While I'm helping Niall off of the man who is knocked out cold right now, I feel this unbaring pain by my ribbcage. What is that? I let go of Nialls arm and feel my stomach. What I feel is abnormal, so I look at my hand. I was the one that was shot. How did I not feel this ? "Oh my god.... princess cmon we gotta get you to the hostpital." Niall says grabbing my shoulders and push me twords the door. Before I can even respond I can slowly feel myself blacking out.
Death is easy. There's no more worry. Its like nothing is there but you. Its not really dark and creepy like people say. I like it. I feel like I'm meant to be hear. Maybe I always have been ? I don't know, but I don't want to go back. Hate, that's what I'll get. "ITS YOUR FAULT THE BABY WAS KILLED" is mostly what I'll get from fans. Maybe even Niall .. I shouldn't have got up... tried to be tuff. Heck, if I wouldn't have stood up, I would be in this place already. I would have been done with this story I'm telling you. I'm starting to feel thing stinging, almost a shock in my chest. Is that normal. With all these thought running in my mind, I shoot open my eyes. And there at that moment, I wouldn't be more happy to see..... well.... who is this? "Princess ? Its me, Niall !" The blonde boy says while petting my head. "Who?"
(A/N Tralalalalalala I'm eating breakfast while typing this so sorry if its all over the place :D)
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