Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


21. Chapter 21

Harrys POV
I've got it. I've gotten enough courage to talk to Noel about how I feel about her. As I walk up too her door, my head turns to face the floor (omfg don't worry there's more than this...). Why am I so nervous? She's just a girl. Actually no, I'm pretty sure she's the love of my life. I get dixxy whenever I'm around her. The way she is so confident in herself, I just love it. I love her. I'm about to knock when I heard giggling. Well Kaci is out with Niall....... this is weird. I knock on her door and I hear gasps. They shuffle inside then someone opens the door. Its not Noel, its some boy with long brown hair, sorta skater style. He's very tan, also fit. "Uh... can I help you?" The boy asks. "Uh yeah um.. may I speak to Noel?" I say getting more nervous than I already was. "I got it Chad." Noel says as she moves infront of him. That's when I notice he was shirtless, and she's in a oversized tshirt and I hope realy short shorts. "Hi Harry, whatchya need?" She says acting as if there's nothing we need to discuss. "Uh .... first who's that ?" I say hoping to god she doesn't say what I think she's going to. "Oh uhm that's Chad....... and he's my boyfriend." Fuck.
Kaci POV
Right now me and Niall are sitting in Pizza Hut. Louis said he was making food tonight but Niall insisted to eat because he was going to "die". "So I think I'm gonna get th-" Niall was cut off by aa girl screaming. "EVERYONE ON THE GROUND NOW !" I turn around to see a man with a ski mask on with a gun...... pointing right at me. Oh no
(A/N Drammmaaa . Its like degrassi (; Update tomarrow BEYEEEEEEEEEE)
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