Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


19. Chapter 19

Kaci POV
As me and Niall walk back into the living area, I feel so happy too be back with these boys. Never in my life would I think that I would WANT to hang out with the 5 boys that kidnapped me. "Hey where's Noel and Harry ?" I ask as I sit down next to Liam . "I don't know actually I think they went into the kitchen to make snacks." Zayns answers. I get up and walk into the kitchen to see Noel on the counter being held by Harry in a very heated makeout session. "HOLY SHIT NOT MY INNOCENT EYES, YOU FUCKING HOES..!" I yell playfully as I cover my eyes."Oh Kaci I'm sor-" "No...... when you guys are donw sucking each others faces come join the party k?" I say cooly as I grab some cheetos, M&Ms, and myself a water."Psh I'm down with that." Harry says then goes back to kissing Noel. "What took you a year love?" Niall asks as I sit down and put the snacks on the table. "Let's not bring that up...." I say trying tooo get to my point."Ohhh I see, HARREH USE PROTECTION !" We hear gigglles from the kitchen. Oh boy this is gonna be a ride.
(A/N I'm sorry if it sucks, I have writers block and I'm thinking about skipping a month or two. LUFF YOOS <3)
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