Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


18. Chapter 18

Kaci POV
"Niall, I-I'm preg-gnant." I say barely above a whisper. "What?" Niall says. Oh no, he doesn't want it, he's not gonna want anything to do with this baby. "Y-yeah I'm uh pregnant with your kid.." I say trying to keep the awkward to a minimum. "Oh my god! Niall I though you were single !" Demi yells at him from behind. "Get out, now" Niall says to Demi. "Whatever keep your dumb whore." She then walks out of the room. "How long ?" Niall says walking back into his room. "About three months.." "You kept this from me for three fucking months? What kind of person are you?" I can't believe he is being like this. "Niall I just found out! Plus if you wouldn't have walked out on me because I kept my virginity a secret I wouldn't have left!" By now I have frustrated tears building in my eyes. "No no no don't cry, I didn't mean to yell I just, I'm just to young, WE'RE to young for a baby." Niall says taking me in his arms and stroking my hair."I know, but I mean we'll have support from the boys, El, and Danielle."(I know she hasn't met them yet but just wait alright:). "We can do this, I love you.. that's all that matters." HOLY SHIT HE SAID HE LOVES ME. "I-I love you too Ni, more than you could even think."
(A/N Yaaaayyy he didn't reject her ! I'M SO SORRY I BROKE MY PROMISE AND DIDN'T UPDATE I GOT GROUNDED OK ? Haha probably update later today . ILYSM BBYS <3)
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