Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


17. Chapter 17

Kaci POV
As we pull up too the small temerary apartment in Sweeden . Nerves of realization start to kick in as I remember that I'm about to see the boy I'm inlove with for the first time in three months, and tell him I'm pregnate. "You ok love ?" Liam asks as he opens my door." What ? Oh... uh.. yeah I'm f-fine." Noel sees that I'm pretty worked up and gives me a comforting hugs . We are walking up to the house I can already hear Louis sass. Oh I didn't miss that. "WE HAVE ARRIVED .." Liam says in a posh english accent. "MY HOE !" Louis yells and squeezes me while jumping up and down. "Hey LouBeat how's it been ?" I say ruffling his hair. "I missed you Kaci, I really have." Louis sounds so sincer it brings tears of guilt to my eyes. "I'm sorry Lou, I shouldn't have left." "Its alright Kae.." the nickname still makes me sick. "So weres Niall ?" I ask suddenly. "Ohuhhesnothere...." Harry says too quick... "Are you sure ?" I say seductivly and get really close to Harry. I can get the truth out if I want it. "No.. I-I mean, ah fuck he is up stairs.." Harry gives up and tells me. "Tanks curls." I say and skip to Nialls room. When I get to the door, I hear giggling... what the heck? I lightly knock and I hear muffled shuffling from inside. "Harry I told you to stop kno- K-kaci?" Niall finally realizes its me. "Uh h-hey Nialler." I mumble lightly. "W-what are y-you doing here ?" Niall asks nervously and shocked. "I have something your gonna want to he-" I stop when I see Demi standing behind him. "Oh, I didn't know you had company..." I spat angrily and walk away from Niall. "Wait, woah woah what's goin on? Tell me why you decided to come back all the sudden." Niall insists. "Hm I don't know. It might ruin your precious plans with Demi." I can practically hear the venom in my own voice. "No ! She means nothing to me Kaci. I had to do something to get my mind off you. But that's a whole other story. TELL ME WHY . YOUR. HERE." Niall says in a serious tone. "Niall, I-I'm preg-gnant."
(A\N Haha cliff hanger don't kill me please. I just wanted to let you guys know what was gonna happen. Update tomarrow promise <3)
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