Kidnapped By One Direction

Kaci Miller is a normal girl living a normal life. But what happens when the normal girl gets taken by one of the biggest boy bands in the world?


12. Chapter 12

Kaci POV
This is it. I said as I open the window in my room. I just recently noticed that these boys KIDNAPED me, and I could have ecscaped forever ago. My family, I miss them. My mom has probably come too the conclusion I'm dead. And Noel. Good god I miss my bestie. She means the world to me and she's probably thinking the way my mom is. I'm out of here. I think as I walk to the side walk. The boys flat isn't but a block or two from some taxis and I took about 30 bucks from Louis, and added it with the 50 I had when I got taken. I soon found a taxi and gave him the directions to my house. 4 hour drive but tough shit taxi man. I'm going home no matter the cost.
(A/N Short because I have a band concert (: <3x)
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